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bench grinder stand plans

Bench Grinder Stand Plans

A bench grinder is used to smooth and hone coarse edges of sturdy materials like metal and wood. This power tool can be usually found in woodworking and metalworking shops. There are smaller ones meant for home use and bigger models fit for business and professional work. One of the many accessories that you can […]

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bench grinder safety

Bench Grinder Safety

Woodworking requires precise equipment that is mostly on the heavy and meticulous side. Hence it is important that DIY and woodworking enthusiasts should be careful handling such devices. The bench grinder, in particular, requires specific care. This device features a rough wheel or a wire brush that rotates at high speeds and it is utilized for […]

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how to buy a bench grinder

How To Buy A Bench Grinder

The bench grinder is a kind of power tool that is utilized to sharpen and grind materials ranging from metal, wood, or even plastic. Metal is hardwearing and durable so it requires a specific tool that is capable of whetting or honing tool edges. This is the sole purpose of a bench grinder and they […]

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bench grinder attachments

Bench Grinder Attachments

The bench grinder is a common sight in woodworking/metalworking shops in different countries and its purpose is to sharpen or smooth out rough edges of different tools and other like items. It comes with grinding wheels that evens out the object operated on. Back in the day, bench grinders worked with the means of a fan […]

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bench grinder vs belt sander

Bench Grinder VS Belt Sander

You may have wondered which fared better; the bench grinder or the belt sander. While these two devices are known to smooth and hone dull surfaces, the two were actually designed to tackle different tasks.However, DIY enthusiasts often ask which works better. This article will further explain and provide answers for the bench grinder vs. […]

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