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4 Best Portable Air Compressors for a Jeep You Can Buy

Maintaining a jeep is much harder than looking after a regular sedan. It’s not that the jeep isn’t tough, it’s just that you can’t afford to be careless with something you’ve invested so much in. A jeep with adequate tire pressure allows you to drive through rough terrain with great ease. To ensure the right air pressure in your jeep’s tires, you need to pick one of these great portable air compressors.

For air compressors that pump air in jeep tires, you need something with a lot of power and speed. Jeeps tend to dominate on rough terrain, but they can do a great job on normal city roads too.

However, if you don’t take care of the tires, there is a serious chance that they will deflate and leave you stranded. My choice to take care of tires is the Viair because of its lightweight portability. Check it out at Amazon. 

Hence, making air compressors portable for this very job is important. Here is a list of the best models for you to choose an air compressor for jeep travel.

1. Viair Portable Air Compressor

The air compressor by Viair offers a maximum pressure of 120 psi (pounds per square inch) and a flow rate of 1.47 CFM (cubic feet per minute). These specifications basically tell you how much power and speed the compressor offers. The high values for both these specifications are important in order to keep the jeep tire fully inflated.

Also included are a 16ft air hose, an inflation tip kit, and a 10-feet power cord for power connections. The current draw is 20 amps, which is pretty standard for any electrical appliance. Hence, you can use your jeep battery to power it or bring along a portable battery to power it separately.

The status of the air compressor can be monitored easily by adding an LED indicator light. There is also a gauge that helps monitor the pressure of the tires. Hence, you can match the pressure requirements for tires of all models and makes.

On top of the specifications, the Viair 00088 88P is very portable as well. You can lug it around easily since it only weighs a meager 4.5 pounds. It’s also quite small in size, measuring 6.8 x 6.2 x 10.8 inches. With these dimensions and this weight, it’s a breeze to carry around in your jeep. It won’t add much extra weight to the body and will fit comfortably in the back of the vehicle.

The only negative with the Viair is that customer support is spotty. You probably won’t get through to a representative if you’re stuck with a malfunctioning unit. Hence, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the workings of the compressors before you face such a problem. Otherwise, this is the best air compressor for jeeps out there.

2. GSPSCN Silver Inflator Compressor pump

The GSPCN Silver Inflator is a beast. It has a flow rate of 70 l/min (2.47 CFM) and a maximum pressure of 150 psi. That’s more than appropriate for a jeep. It also has a weight of 6.8 pounds, making it extremely portable. The design is double-cylinder, which means that you can inflate jeep tires in no time.

As far as accessories are concerned, there is a hose and battery clamp included with the compressor. However, since it’s much heavier than two of the entries on this list, points have to be cut for portability. There is also a cigarette lighter switch included that is not portable. Hence, despite its great power, it’s not the best entry on this list.

3. Tire Inflator Air Compressor by MasterFlow

This is probably the best-looking air compressor of the bunch. This blows every other compressor out of the water when it comes to specs. It has a maximum flow rate of 2.54 CFM and a maximum pressure of 150 psi. If you want power and speed above all else, this is it.

You can draw power from a battery with the help of alligator clips. And you can inflate tires in a couple of minutes. There is also a self-coiling 16-foot hose included and a 10-foot heavy-duty power cord.

However, because of all the included accessories and power, the Tire Inflator Air Compressor by MasterFlow is heavy. It weighs approximately 10 pounds, which is almost twice the weight of the next heaviest entry on this list. It’s also much bigger than the other entries on this list, at 11.4×7.9×9.5 inches.

Because of this drawback, it doesn’t quite make the highest spot on the list.

4. P.I. AUTO STORE 12V DC Air Compressor

This is the odd one out of the bunch. You can tell by just looking at it. The design is bonkers. It looks like an emergency light rather than an air compressor. And it looks futuristic, much like the design of the first iMac. And like the first iMac, it’s also ultra-portable. You can lift it incredibly easy since it weighs just 2 pounds.

However, that doesn’t mean the performance is bonkers. The P.I. Auto Store 12 V DC Air Compressor has the specifications and performance to compete with the best. It offers a flow rate of 35 l/min, which translates into 1.236 CFM and a maximum pressure of 100 psi. That may seem like a dip in pressure from the best on the list. However, it’s much higher than the standard air pressure on earth (14.7 psi).

What sets this air compressor apart from the rest, apart from its crazy design, however, is the digital display. Hence, you won’t have to monitor any gauges accurately to find out the exact reading of air pressure. You can even adjust the brightness on the display for exceptionally bright and dim conditions outside.

It also features a digital system. Just press a button to begin pumping air. The compressor shuts off after the air pressure is full. The P.I. Auto Store compressor also comes with a lot of accessories. There is a case and four additional dust caps. The one drawback of this compressor is that it’s not efficient when used in cold weather. Hence, if you live in an exceptionally cold place where the temperature drops below zero, this isn’t for you.

If you’re looking for the best portable air compressors for your jeep, then you need to look for power and speed above all. However, next on the list is portability. You need to go for a compressor that helps you move, not one that hinders movement. Hence, one with extra weight attached does you no favors. Go with an air compressor that weighs between 5-7 pounds or under. If you can get power and speed with that package go for it.

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