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The Quietest Honda Generator – Power With Minimal Sound

Honda EU2200i Generator

The importance of generators in providing backup electricity and power supply cannot be overemphasized, especially in cases of a power outage. However, a major lapse and downside of most generators available today is the high level of noise and possible pollution caused to the environment. Due to this, so many people are in search of a quiet and portable generator that does no harm to the environment. The quietest Honda generator available at the moment is the Honda EU2200i. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the features and functionalities of this noise-free and portable generator.

More about the Honda EU2200i

The Honda EU 2200i is a part of Honda Power Equipment’s Super Quiet Series of generators and is currently the quietest with a noise level of 48 decibels. It is a successor of the outgoing Eu2200i model and comes with various improved features, the noise level reduction being the most significant to this discourse.

No noise pollution worries.Refueling needs in cases of extended periods of a power outage.
Powers most essential home appliances.Manually started with no option of automatic standby.
Excellent for outdoor gatherings and camping.
Portable and easy to carry about.

What are the features of the Honda EU2200i?

Honda EU2200i

  • Compact size: The EU2200i comes with a dimension of 16 x 20 x 11 inches, thus making it lightweight and easy to carry about. Typically it weighs 40 pounds and is one of the most portable generators.
  • Noise reduction: This feature makes the Honda EU2200i stand out and places it at the top of the list as the quietest generator. Operating at 48 to 57 decibels, Honda EU2200i produces the least noise than other Honda generators.
  • Better power: The EU2200i offers a 10% extra on power, supplying 2200 watt, an improvement on the previous EU2000i, which offered only 2000W. This translates to more power to operate more home appliances.
  • User-friendly design: The EU2200i employs a color-coded startup point for starting the generator. This implies that anyone with the least knowledge about generators can easily start it. It also comes with a fuel shut-off valve which helps prevent problems related to stale fuel by allowing the engine to run with the fuel supply off.
  • Improved ventilation: To prevent overheating of the key components, the EU2200i comes with improved airflow and a better cooling system.

What is the Cost of Honda EU2200i? 

The cost of a new Honda EU2200i is pegged around $1,144 on Amazon. There might be slight variations in prices across different e-commerce sites and physical stores. The EU2200i is significantly more expensive than other Honda models, and users have attested to the quality matching the price, and it’s a reasonable investment.


The EU2200i is an outstanding and apt choice in terms of power, portability, and noise reduction. Customer reviews and ratings speak volumes of the generator’s efficiency and the incredible value it offers.

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