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Use Circular Saw as Table Saw – Making a Table Saw with a Circular Saw

Use Circular Saw as Table Saw

It’s amazing what you can do with a few tools and some DIY skills. If you need a table saw but all you have is a circular saw, you don’t have to worry. With a few scraps of lumber and some everyday tools, you can easily turn your circular saw into a perfectly functioning table saw. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you use your circular saw as a table saw in a few simple steps.

Convert Your Circular Saw into a Table Saw Steps

  • Build a table

In order to use your circular saw as a table saw, you are going to need a large enough table. Start by picking out a sturdy flat piece of lumber that you are going to use as the tabletop. Cut it to the length you need and fix it to sawhorses or make legs for it if you want. It is important that all the screws are countersunk so that all the screws are flush with the surface of the wood.

  • Prepare your table

preparing table saw

Now you have to drill four holes into the center of the tabletop and the base plate of your drill that will help you attach the saw to the table. Alternatively, you can leave a hole in the table and fit your saw to a removable panel that will attach to your table. This way you can remove the entire panel once you are done using it. This will give you the option of using your table for other things as well.

  • Line Up and Fix Your Saw

You need to be very careful when cutting a slot for your blade to poke through on the table. Draw a vertical line right down the center of the table and use your circular saw to cut out a slot for your blade. Make sure you make the cut a lot wider than the blade’s width so the blade does not touch the sides while poking through. Now figure out a way to mount your saw on the bottom of the table with the blade poking through the cut.

  • Make the Fence

The fence plays a very important role when working with table saws. It is a piece of wood parallel to the blade, which serves as a guide when you are cutting. The fence needs to be adjustable but firm so that you can get consistently straight cuts. When making the fence you need to make sure you are using a sturdy piece of wood because you need to change the position of the fence regularly and if you use a weak piece of lumber, it’s going to break easily.

  • Position Your Blade Correctly

Finally, make sure you position the blade correctly, otherwise the blade will send your workpiece flying in the opposite direction which can be extremely dangerous. It is important that the blade is spinning towards the wood so you can easily cut through your wood without any problems.

Is it Possible to Use a Circular Saw as a Table Saw?

Circular saws may not give you the same precision and accuracy that you get from a table saw, but they can give you a close enough result without having to spend the extra money. There isn’t a lot of difference between the blades when we compare the two, in fact, the blades are often used interchangeably between different types of saws. So, you can easily use your circular saw as a table saw if you need.

How to Get more Accurate Cuts with a Circular Saw?

When you are looking to get cleaner and more accurate cuts you need to make sure that you position your workpiece perfectly. Adjust your fence according to your need. Make it as tight as possible so there is no risk of the workpiece moving during the cut. Also, check if your blade is working properly. If you have a dull blade it is best to replace it with a new and sharper one so you can get more precise and cleaner cuts.

skill sawMoreover, if you are looking to get cleaner cuts on your wood, you should always make your cuts with the good side of the piece facing down, because circular saws can often splinter the wood from the top. You can also put masking tape on the cut line to avoid splintering.

What is the difference between a table saw and a circular saw?

One of the most obvious differences between a table and a circular saw is portability. A circular saw is lightweight and small which makes it very easy to move around. Whereas, a table saw is a lot bigger and heftier, which makes it less portable. Plus, a circular saw can also be used as a table saw. Which makes it suitable for different kinds of jobs.

Are Table Saws Better than Circular Saws?

When you are working on a project where straighter lines and smoother cuts are a priority, table saws will do a much better job. Whereas if you are looking for portability then you need circular saws. So, in conclusion, it is tough to say which one is better because both are designed to achieve different goals. However, one thing that gives circular saws an edge over table saws is the fact that they can also do the job of a table saw if required, making it a more versatile tool.

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