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Vaughan 11650 CF21FG: The Ultimate Milled Face Framing Hammer

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Building or framing? You need a reliable tool! Allow me to introduce the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG 21 oz California Framing Hammer Milled Face. In this article, we will provide an honest review of this framing hammer, highlighting its features, performance and durability, comfort and ergonomics, value for money, and customer feedback. So, whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, read on to discover if this hammer is the right tool for your construction projects.

Key Takeaways

  • The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG is a California framing hammer designed for carpenters and builders.
  • The hammer’s milled face grips nail heads and reduces slippage, ensuring secure nail driving.
  • The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG offers exceptional value for money, with positive reviews praising its performance, durability, and comfort.

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Vaughan 11650 CF21FG 21 oz California Framing Hammer Milled Fac

Vaughan 11650 CF21FG 21 oz California Framing Hammer Milled Face

Building or Framing? You Need a Reliable Tool!

When it comes to construction projects, having the right tools can make all the difference. Whether you’re building a house or framing a structure, a reliable hammer is essential. In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG 21 oz California Framing Hammer Milled Face to help you make an informed decision about your next tool purchase.

Overview of the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG

The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG is a California framing hammer that is designed to meet the needs of carpenters and builders. With its 21 oz weight, milled face, and straight handle, this hammer is built to deliver optimal performance.

One of the standout features of this hammer is its milled face, which grips nail heads and reduces slippage. This is particularly important when working on construction projects, as it ensures that nails are driven in securely. The magnetic nail holder is also a convenient addition that helps to keep nails within easy reach.

The handle of the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG is made of patented hollow-core fiberglass. This material not only provides better balance, but also absorbs shock more effectively than solid fiberglass handles. This means that you can work for longer periods without experiencing as much fatigue.

The California framing style of this hammer is specifically designed for framing applications. It offers a combination of power and control, making it a versatile choice for a variety of construction tasks.

Performance and Durability

When it comes to performance, the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG delivers. The balanced weight and well-designed handle make it easy to wield, allowing for accurate strikes every time. The straight claw is also a great feature for quick lumber picking, while the large side face allows for side strikes on nails.

But performance isn’t the only thing that matters. Durability is also a key consideration, especially when working in demanding environments. The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG is constructed with high-quality materials that are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The plastic skirt, while not as durable as some users would have liked, has still held up well for most.

Additionally, the hammer features a specially formulated, slip-resistant PVC grip that adds an extra layer of durability and comfort. This grip ensures that the hammer stays securely in your hand, even in wet or sweaty conditions.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Working with a comfortable tool can make a world of difference, especially when you’re spending long hours on a construction site. The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG excels in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

The handle is designed with the user’s grip comfort in mind. The contoured shape provides a natural and secure grip, reducing strain on your hand and wrist. This design also helps to minimize fatigue, allowing you to work more efficiently and comfortably.

Additionally, the hammer’s innovative features, such as the shock-absorbing hollow-core fiberglass handle, further enhance comfort. The handle absorbs the impact of each strike, reducing strain on your body and minimizing the risk of injury.

Value for Money

When it comes to purchasing a tool, value for money is always an important consideration. The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG offers exceptional value when compared to similar products on the market.

While prices may vary, this hammer provides a great balance of quality and affordability. It delivers on performance, durability, and comfort, making it a wise investment for both professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the positive reviews from satisfied customers further reinforce the value that this hammer offers. Many reviewers have praised its performance, balance, and overall quality, making it a top contender in its category.

Customer Feedback

Listening to what customers have to say about a product can provide valuable insights. Here’s a summary of feedback from various sources:

“Great product! The uniquely designed head sets the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG apart from all others.” – Wld14lfe (5 stars)

“Best damn hammer on the market! This hammer is well built, well balanced, and feels like a lighter weight hammer.” – T Mark (5 stars)

“Very durable. The hammer has held up well, even in concrete work.” – Isaac Jones (5 stars)

“Great hammer!! The head design is the best of the bunch.” – VMAN (5 stars)

“Solid hammer. Fit and finish isn’t great, but it does what it’s supposed to.” – Amazon Customer (4 stars)

“Did not realize handle is fiberglass. My fault for not reading the description closely. Still a recommended buy.” – DrSmeller (4 stars)

These reviews highlight the positive experiences customers have had with the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG. From its unique design to its durability, this hammer has received praise for its outstanding performance.


The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG 21 oz California Framing Hammer Milled Face is a reliable and high-performing tool that is well-suited for both professional and DIY use. Its milled face, balanced weight, and ergonomic design make it a top choice for construction projects.

If you’re in need of a framing hammer that delivers on everything it promises, the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG is definitely worth considering. Its positive customer reviews, combined with its value for money, make it a standout option in the market.

Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences when making a decision, as finding the right tool can significantly improve your construction experience. Happy hammering!

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Q: What are the main features of the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG?

The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG is a 21 oz California Framing Hammer with a milled face. Its main features include its weight, face design, and handle material.

Q: What are the benefits of the California framing style?

The California framing style offers benefits for construction projects such as improved leverage, precision, and control.

Q: Why is a milled face important in a framing hammer?

A milled face provides better grip and reduced slippage, ensuring more efficient and accurate strikes.

Q: Does the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG offer a comfortable grip?

Yes, the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG has a well-designed handle that offers a comfortable and secure grip, reducing strain during use.

Q: What is the overall value for money of the Vaughan 11650 CF21FG?

The Vaughan 11650 CF21FG provides excellent value for money as it offers high-quality construction, performance, and relative affordability compared to similar products.

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