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Best Block Planer – When Precision Matters

Best Block Planer

A manual block planer has a place in any woodworking garage, even if you have power tools like an orbital sander. These tools allow you to be more precise and are ideal for small to medium-scale jobs. Whether you are cleaning up end grain or leveling out dovetails, the best block planer can be very useful, moreover, they are small and portable enough to carry on your belt or in a toolbox. Now, if you are going to be working on medium-sized lumber, any basic single-blade block planer will be fine.

For more precise jobs, you should opt for a more narrow blade planer, which offers more control and allows you to focus your planning on a smaller area.

If you are going to be working on a softer wood, or other materials like PVC or Drywall a surform planer is the best

However, in this post, we will talk about some of the best Block planers in the market, to reason to learn more.

STANLEY Hand Planer

STANLEY 12-220 Hand Planer

Stanley is one of the oldest tool manufacturing companies in the USA. They have been making high-quality tools for over 170 years, and the 12-220 hand planer is one of the best in the market.

Made from durable alloy steel and having a cast-iron base, with precision cut sides, this is a very durable and rugged tool. Moreover, with its epoxy coating, the stanley 12-220 hand planer will last forever.

The cutter is manually adjustable for both alignment and depth of cut, and it sits at a 21 degree angle, which is ideal for cross-grain planing and many other planning jobs.

One of the defining features of this planer is its machined sides, which give it a smooth finish and contribute to its slim profile. Being only 2.17 inches wide, this planer is ideal for precise jobs.

Best Low Angle Block Planer Overall

STANLEY Contractor Grade, Low Angle Hand Planer

If you are looking for  high quality and reliable low angle planer, this contractor grade planer from Stanley is a great option.

As far as construction is concerned, the Sanley contractor grade 12-960 planet has a cast iron base, with precision ground sides. It has a hardened tempered steel cutter, and is topped off with  high quality epoxy resin coating, which takes durability and reliability to the next level.

Normally the cutter sits at a 21 degree angle, and it can also be adjusted for a lower cutting angle as low as 13 and a half degrees. The lower angles allow for more control, a finer finish and lower vibration. Overall, the planer is 6 inches long, and has a 1-3/8-inch cutter

Moreover, this block planer has a quick-release cam lock and it has machined finger grips on the  sides, allowing you to use the planer with ease.

Most Durable Block Planer

Bench Dog 60-1/2 Block Planer

If you are looking for a super durable block planer that will last you for a long time, this is a great option.

The bench dog block planer is made from cast iron and bras. Moreover, its defining features is that the frog and base of the planer are one single piece of cast iron, which adds to the extreme durability of this plate, and virtually eliminates problems like chatter in your block planer.

The blade of this planer is also very strong, and is made from 1/8” thick steel.

This small planer features a fully adjustable mouth opening, and an acute bedding angle, which allows it to handle all kinds of jobs. The planner also comes with a black storage case, and a planer sock for added protection.

Block Planer for Small Projects

YOGEON Tiny Woodworking Plane

If you are looking for a small block planer, for those super precise woodworking projects, you should check out the YOGEON Tiny Woodworking plane.

This block planer has a wooden frame, and a fully machined steel frog, the blade of the panel is designed to be super precise, and is made from 1/8 inch high carbon steel. It is only 3.15 inches long, and is ideal for a variety of jobs like trimming and adjusting miters, joinery and fitting doors and drawers

With its contoured handle, this planer is very easy to use and control, so that you can be accurate with it. The frame is black in color, whereas the handles are made in  a brass finish.

Adjustable Mouth Block Planer

WoodRiver Low Angle Block Plane

Having an adjustable mouth on your block planer can have a lot of advantages. It allows you to handle a variety of jobs. With a tightened mouth, you can make more precise cuts, whereas if you want to take off a lot of material, loosening the mouth allows you to carve a lot faster.

WoodRiver is one of the leading American brands in woodworking equipment. So, if you are looking for a quality block planer with an adjustable mouth, the WoodRiver low angle block plane is a good option.

It has a classic design, and Knuckle Style Lever Cap. The machined sides have indents to improve your grip, and provide more control and accuracy. The bed angle on this planet is 20 degrees, which also helps you make more precise cuts.

Japanese Block Planer

KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane

Lastly, here is an amazing japanese style block planer that you should check out. The KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane is made in a classical style. It has a wooden frame, and the blade is made from high carbon steel.

Like most japanese style planers, the KAKURI Woodworking Block Plane is used by pulling instead of pushing. Moreover, it has a;large body, which allows you to grab it with both hands, and achieve better control.

This block planer is made from high quality materials in Japan. The wooden frame is treated to increase strength and durability, whereas a high carbon steel frame is super sharp and precise, allowing you to do a variety of wood finishing jobs.

So, if you’re looking for a japanese style block planer, this is one of the best options. Or you could make your own. 🙂

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