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Best Cheap Car Buffers

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A car undergoes regular abuse, which can gradually reflect on its look, deteriorating paint and finish. If you want to keep the car for years, get a good quality car buffer.  Buffing your car helps to bring out that lost appearance and shine without much hassle. Take a look at our best cheap car buffers list and find the right one that will do the task you need.

1. DEWALT Buffer/Polisher

Dewalt Buffer/Polisher is one of the best cordless car buffers that come with a powerful 12 amp. Its ball-bearing structure makes it a durable and high-performance appliance. It lets the users choose among the variable speed from 0 to 600/3500 RPM for a wide variety of materials.

The DEWALT Max XR provides the advantage of the 20V lithium-ion battery. Again the wool ingestion shields remove wool ingestion that strengthens its life and lowers servicing costs. The non-mar rubber gear case cover decreases the surface scars and maintains the gripping surface.

Cordless bufferNot ideal to use all day long
Larger and adjustable handleCostlier than the corded buffer
Easy to use on any job sites

2. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher

The Black & Decker 6-inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher operates on the random orbit at the rate of 4,400 orbits per minute (OPM). This makes it ideal for detailing everything. The random orbit gives a smooth and swirl-free finish. The ergonomic two-handle design delivers a comfortable and secure grip.

The machine also comes with a flexible 10-foot cord that helps to complete larger tasks hassle-free. Moreover, the two wool polishing bonnets and a foam applicator bonnet leave a high-quality finish.

Powerful 4400 OPMSometimes, the alternate pads are hard to find
Dual-handled design
Long and flexible 10-foot cord
It comes with two wool polishing bonnets and one foam applicator bonnet

3. WEN 6010 Waxer/Polisher

WEN 6-inch wafer/polisher runs at a rate of 3500 RPM. It comes with a 120 V and 0.5 amp durable magnetic motor. The ergonomic and comfortable body-gripping design is ideal for using the machine with single or both hands.

This WEN machine also offers you a lockable power on/off switch that makes it more preferable.

Powerful 3500 rpm motorSingle handle
Ergonomic design
Lockable power on/off button
It comes with a 6" terry cloth bonnet and a 6" applicator bonnet

4. Ryobi RB61G Orbital Buffer

Ryobi 6-inch Corded Orbital Buffer is the best electric car buffer. The orbital buffer makes it easy and safe to use. Although it is cheaper, Ryobi RB61G comes with the powerful 4800 OPM.

Use it to conduct routine maintenance and see how it leaves a lasting shine on your car. The ergonomic design of molded and notched rubber handle is ideal to use for an extensive period comfortably. Furthermore, the power on/off switch present at the handle side provides easy operation.

Powerful 4800 OPM operationDifficult to get replacement pads
Ergonomic handle
Includes an application bonnet and a polishing bonnet
Compact and lightweight

5. PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher

The Porter-Cable machine comes with the advantage of variable speed polished that ranges between 2500 to 6800 OPM. The design is compact and lightweight, which increases its functionality. The machine also includes a 6″ polishing pad.

Additionally, the Portable Cable machine features dual-position, i.e., a left or a right-side removable handle. This also offers greater control and makes it easy and convenient to grip. Besides, it is suitable for sanding and polishing cars.

Offers variable speed of 2500 to 6800 OPMSometimes, it is difficult to set speed.
Swirl-free polishing and sanding action
Has 5" proprietary counterbalance and 6" sanding/polishing pad

Cheap Car Buffer Buying Guide

You can use a car buffer to apply or remove wax and polish your vehicle, or you can use it to remove swirls and scratches.

Now the question is what to consider before making the purchase? The following list will lighten up your load on choosing a good quality yet cheap car buffer.

Rotational or Random Orbital Car Buffers

Rotational or Random Orbital buffer

The most significant factor to consider is whether to go for a rotational polisher or a random orbital polisher.

The rotational polisher is simple and straightforward equipment. In this equipment, the polishing head makes the spins in a circular motion on a single axis. This allows generating more power and high speed.

However, the high speed may be a reason for frictions occurring and the build-up of heat. Hence, it may cause severe damage or, if used with negligence. The good thing is that it can efficiently remove paint and is great for sanding.

The random orbital polisher can spin in two diverse directions at once. In this machine, the polishing head swirls in circular motion connected to the spindle. The spindle spins in a broader circular motion in comparison to the polishing head.

The orbital swirling develops a wobble that further produces much friction for buffing and polishing.

Car Buffer Speed

The more the speed a polisher can increase the rate in orbits per minute or OPM and rotations per minute or RPM, it will deal with swirls and scratches more ideally.

So, choose the one which has a rating of 3500 and above RPM.

Ergonomics Design

As the process consumes a fair fraction of time, getting a compact machine that can efficiently balance the power and the weight is better. Also, a dual-handled machine is more desirable for comfort and proper pressure exertion.

Power Cord/Cordless Car Buffers

If choosing a corded buffer, get a long power cord for superior maneuverability without extension cords.

Best Car Buffers – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

car polish using a buffer machine

Is Buffing Harmful For The Car?

Buffing the car is not harmful or bad as long as you are not doing it frequently or aggressively. You buff your car to fix the car’s paint, often cutting the clear coat protecting the car paint. As the coating amount is finite, it is better to buff the car periodically.

How Much time does Buffing a Car Take?

Buffing your car may take at least 2.5 hours or even more in every step. If we break down the steps, compounding will take 2.5 hours, again 2.5 hours for wielding a finishing polish. It is better to take time and ensure it’s done perfectly.

Is Buffing possible with Your Hands?

Buffing can be done using your hands, but it can become a challenge. When you buff your car using your hands, you add extra work pressure on yourself. So, it is ideal for getting hold of a high-speed electronic buffer and letting it complete the task with ease.

Best Car Buffers – Conclusion

Getting a buffer that does not burn your pocket but is durable and competent can be quite a challenging task. Hopefully, our in-depth reviews on the best cheap car buffers will make it easy for you to choose. So, browse through these products for more details. Now that you have the right buffer, check the best way to buff.

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