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Tool Vault Product / Brand Review

Tool Vault Review FI

If you have a hard time organizing, carrying, and protecting your tools, you need a tool vault. It helps you organize all your tools in one place and optimizes your storage space. However, there are so many tool storage options in the market that a first-timer will have a very hard time deciding which one is right for them. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying a new tool storage option.

Color and Coating

If you are a DIYer or a hobbyist, you don’t have to worry about specific colors or coatings, however, if you plan on using your tool vault for professional purposes you will have to follow certain color and coating codes as per your industry’s safety and regulation standards.

Storage Space

A hobbyist doesn’t need the same storage space as a professional carpenter which is why tool vault storage products come in a wide range of storage spaces that can fit specific needs. So, make sure to look for a tool vault that suits your specific storage needs.

Tool Box Portability

If you are someone who needs to carry their tools around, you will need a portable tool vault. So, look for a tool storage that has a balanced weight because if it’s too heavy you will have a hard time carrying it around. If you need a bigger vault to meet your storage space, make sure it comes with casters so you can drag it rather than having to lift the heavy box.  if you just need a smaller toolbox we have another article you should check out.

Tool Vault Tool Box – TV3015

Designed to provide efficient portable tool storage, TV3015 is made from alloy steel and features a high-gloss powder coat finish that makes it weather resistant. The TV3015 is a heavy-duty, professional-grade toolbox that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its 16 gauge steel construction with no welded seams makes it highly durable, whereas the weather stripping creates a tight seal to keep the dust and moisture out and protect your tools at all times.

The toolbox is designed to store either metric or SAE tools and features a locking latch with double-cut keys to keep the tools secure from unauthorized access. It also has sturdy steel handles on both sides for convenience. Moreover, it has 10 slots for ratchets, drivers, and extensions, 10 slots for screwdrivers, and 88 sockets Pegs.

One of the best features of this toolbox is its unique lid design that can lock all your tools in position keeping them organized even when you are moving the toolbox around.

Tool Vault – XL3617

The XL3617 by Tool Vault is not much different from the TV3015 as far as the design and construction are concerned. However, it is much bigger in size and provides you with a lot more storage room. This 36” crossover tool chest can store both metric and S.A.E tools and has 102 Metric Socket Pegs, 96 S.A.E. Socket Pegs, 21 slots for ratchets, drivers, and extensions, and 21 slots for screwdrivers.

It also has a 16 ga. steel construction with welded seams and no spot welding and is designed for professional use both indoors and outdoors as its high-gloss powder coat finish and weather stripping make it moisture and dust-resistant. If you are looking for efficient and portable tool storage the XL3617 is a great option.

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