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Best Cordless Brad Nailer


If you are looking for the best cordless brad nailer available in the market, then you are in the right place.

A brad nailer is a power tool that is used for inserting nails in different materials and objects. It typically uses brad nails of 18- gauge wire. My favorite is the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer because it does up to 1,300 nails per charge. Check it out at Amazon.

These nailers are ideal for installing nails in thin or delicate sheets of wood that have a higher chance of splitting. They can be used to hold things temporarily in place and are also perfect for small DIY projects like creating jigsaw puzzles, jewelry boxes, etc.

As battery and motor technology is advancing day by day, having cordless appliances is quite the convenience everyone who owns power tools craves for. Whether you need to secure loose trim to cabinets, add baseboards, install crown and other decorative moldings, or perform any small-scale DIY crafting projects, cordless brad nailers are the perfect choice for replacing your old pneumatic nail guns.

If you have made the decision of purchasing one but haven’t quite been able to decide upon a single tool, here is a mini-guide to help you buy the best cordless brad nailer.

Power Sources of a Brad Nailer

Ordinary brad nailers use three main sources of power; either gas, compressed gas or electricity. Gas-powered nailers are not very common nowadays because of their decreasing demand. They are usually used indoors, with these tools, there’s always a potential risk of gas poisoning. Pneumatic brad nailers come with a significant limitation that they can only be operated with an air compressor.

The third power source, electricity is used by corded and cordless brad nailers. Unlike corded nailers, cordless brad nailers are extremely portable and the advancements in technology ensure extended battery life. Therefore, these nailers allow you to get more effective and efficient results while eliminating the need for power outlets.

The Nail Size

Brad nail guns typically use 18- gauge nails, although the preference of some might differ. Along with the thickness, the length of the nail is also important for determining which gun is suitable for them. You don’t want to commit to a gun that allows the usage of only particular sized nails. Therefore, it is important that you select such a power tool that supports nails of all sizes.

Brad Nailer’s Nose Size

One essential factor to consider while buying a brad nail gun is the length of its nose. As brad nails are quite small, the length and width of the gun’s nose need to be appropriate enough to insert the nail precisely in the desired location. If the nose is too large, it can cause you to lose your mark and possibly even split your workpiece.

Depth Adjustment of a Brad Nailer

Although this usually depends on the project you’re working on, you don’t always want the brad nails to penetrate through your material. To prevent this from happening, you can select a nailer that comes with a depth adjustment system.

One thing that can make your experience of using a cordless brad nailer more convenient and enjoyable is a built-in depth adjustment mechanism. Select a nail gun that allows you to set the penetration level of your nail without using any external tools for the purpose.

Weight of the Brad Nailer

The lighter your power tool is, the easier it will get for you to move it around. Since a cordless brad nailer will have all its components altogether in one place, weight plays a vital role in this scenario. Select a gun that is lightweight and easy for you to carry around.

Battery Life of a Brad Nailer

The bigger your battery is, the more nails it will drive per charge. So buy a battery that provides you with the most efficient results. Of course, in this case, weight is proportional to the size and you can’t have the cake and eat it too. So if you want a power tool that you can easily carry around, make sure you have enough batteries stocked and ready for emergency purposes.

Purchasing the best equipment that is the most suitable for your needs is a daunting task and can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available in the market. To make this decision less confusing for you, we’ve conducted extensive researches and picked out the best products for your assistance. Here is a list of our picks for the best cordless brad nailers out there:

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Brad Nailer 

There are multiple reasons for this cordless brad nailer being on the top of our list. Firstly its depth adjustment wheel allows you to countersink nails steadily. It takes nails of 18- gauge. Its specially designed motor provides uninterrupted firing power and this unit features multiple tool-free settings that ensure increased productivity and make the tool very user-friendly.

This brad nailer also comes with multifunctional LED lights that allow you to light up your workspace and eliminates potential errors. The 3-year limited warranty from the date of purchase on the kit ensures reliability and customer care.


  • Model Number: PCC790LA
  • Voltage: 20 volts
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.9 x 5 x 12 inches

Key Features

  • Up to 1,300 nails per charge
  • Tool-free stall release lever
  • Tool-free jam release
  • Depth adjustment window
  • Tool-free depth adjustment wheel
  • Multifunctional LED lights
Easy usageA little costly
Excellent battery lifeHeavyweight

Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer 

Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer Kit comes in a complete package including a dual chemistry battery charger. The IntelliPort technology of the charger knows when the battery is fully charged and it turns off the power automatically to save power.

The nailer consists of an adjustable known to adjust the air pressure according to your preference. Its two important modes, contact-actuated and sequential mode allows you to drive up to sixty nails in a minute and precise nail placement respectively. With this amazing cordless brad nailer, you can nail up to 1,000 nails per charge.


  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Model Number: P320 and P128
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.8 x 12.8 x 6.9 inches

Key Features

  • Dual firing modes
  • Up to 1,000 nails per charge
  • Multifunctional LED lights
  • Compact battery
Cost-effectiveProne to jamming
Multiple LED lightsLacks in power
Easily adjustable

Makita Cordless Brad Nailer

Makita cordless brad nailer is ideal for the installation of narrow trim and moldings. It is compact, powerful, and drives 18- gauge brad nails. It is known to drive up to 1,000 nails on a single charge and the Star Protection-equipped tool protects the device from overcharging, overloading, and overheating. With its extended battery life and spectacular performance, it’s the perfect power tool to have.


  • Brand: Makita
  • Model Number: XNB01Z
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Weight: 7.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 14.5 x 11.7 inches

Key Features

  • Adjustable depth settings
  • 2 mode selector switch
  • Anti-dry drive mechanism
  • Built-in LED
  • Rubber Bumpers
Compact and portableUncomfortable grip
Up to 1,000 nails per chargeProne to jamming
Tool-free adjustment

There are ample of cordless brad nailers available but if you’re looking for one that will optimize your projects and is extremely easy-to-handle then we would recommend checking out the ones featured on this list. Enjoy your purchase!

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