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Here Is a Guide to the 7 Best Paver Sealers You Can Buy on the Open Market Right Now

Paver sealers can help you create the best walkways

Paver sealer protects walkways, driveways, pool decks, etc. It’s an essential maintenance tool. Basically, if you have a pathway built out of concrete or bricks, etc, then you need to invest in paver sealer. This is due to the porous nature of concrete. It will absorb stains and impurities if not sealed in. This will contaminate it, and it won’t last as a solid foundation.

However, if you’re a novice, and don’t know about paver sealers, then choosing the right one can be difficult. My favorite is the Foundation Armor AR500 because it has no problem bonding to all sorts of surfaces. Check it out at Amazon. 

Since no one wants to overspend on products, here is a list of the best paver sealers.

1. EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic Sealer

EnduraSeal is made out of pure acrylic and is one of the best paver sealers for the solvent.

The best part about it is that it prevents the surface from yellowing. You can get this product in 5-gallon tubs.

EnduraSeal works well as a sealer as well as an enhancer. Not only does it seal up your floors, but it also makes them clear and shiny. Finding its way into the deeper pores of the walkways, it doesn’t just work on the surface.

This gives the floor a glossy finish once it’s dry, though that doesn’t last for very long.

A great advantage of the EnduraSeal acrylic sealer is that it works on stone, tiles, and stained concrete. There isn’t any odor either, so even if you’re sensitive to strong smells, you won’t have a problem.

However, this is a sealer that requires precise application. If you’re a novice, then starting with this right off the bat is a bad idea.

2. Color Enhancer Sealer

If you’ve got nothing but a driveway to pave, this one is for you. Of course, it works on all sorts of floors, but it’s built for your driveway. Not only will it bring out dark-colored surfaces, but it will also enhance their sheen.

This paver sealer is very easy to apply, unlike the previous EnduraSeal. And of course, it penetrates deep into the surface of the walkway it’s being applied to. Its enhancing effect also lasts longer than the EnduraSeal paver sealer. However, it will primarily work on dark, pale surfaces, rather than bright ones.

The caveat is that it’s not as good a sealer as it is an enhancer. If you give a surface multiple coats, only then will it be as effective as a heavy-duty sealer.

3. Black Diamond Wet Look Stone Sealer

This is another paver sealer that can enhance surfaces with a glossy finish. It works on all sorts of surfaces including aggregate, colored or decorative ones. It’s also pretty easy to apply and offers resistance from harmful contaminants.

The enhanced look isn’t very shiny or wet, but it will provide you with a glossy finish. It also has no odor, which is great for users that have an aversion to strong smells.

One disadvantage of the Black Diamond Stonework’s is that it simply can’t be applied to polished stone. Hence, if you have a home that is surfaced with polished stone, you’re out of luck with this sealer.

4. Foundation Armor AR500

This is a breathable solvent that can cover nearly two coats on a surface 500 square feet large. The Foundation Armor AR500 comes in 5-gallon tubs and is purely made of acrylic. Hence, it has no trouble bonding with concrete or other surfaces.

It penetrates deep into the pores of floorings, marble surfaces, and garages. It also protects the surface from UV rays. Hence, if you have a surface that is exposed to sunlight, this is the best paver sealer for the job. And it’s this quality that makes the sealer last for 2 to 5 years.

It can be applied through sprays, rollers, etc. However, remember that rolling is the better option out of the two. Spraying doesn’t ensure as much durability. Also, like the EnduraSeal acrylic paver sealer, the application of the Foundation Armor AR500 isn’t easy.

5. Foundation Armor SX5000

This also comes in 5-gallon tubs. It’s solvent-based and includes Silone-Siloxane. This allows it to seep into the pores of the concrete and seal up the walkways/garage/pathways etc. It’s also water repellant, and guards against salt contaminants. This makes it resistant to any mildew or bacteria that may find its way within the flooring.

It ensures very chemically strong bonding, which is why the product lasts long. The product is also resistant to cracks, spalling, and efflorescence, and straining.

The Foundation Armor SX500 also functions as an enhancer apart from being a sealer. Due to the chemical nature of the paver sealer, it’s quite tricky to apply. And since it’s made of concentrated chemicals, it does produce a strong odor. Also, the product is quite pricey.

6. Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer

The Eagle Sealer EPS1 comes in a 1-gallon can. However, it’s very heavy duty, which means that it’ll enhance and seal any walkway. This paver sealer gives your walkways a very wet and glossy look. Hence, it makes them look good as new.

It can also be used for decorative purposes before a party or before a ceremony in any location. Due to its pure acrylic composition, the penetration level is quite high. It even has non-yellowing properties, meaning that the surfaces will resist losing their color. Being UV resistant, color fading is even less of an issue with this sealer.

However, there are cons to this sealer as well. It does take an awfully long time to dry and requires multiple coats to be applied. Despite the smaller 1-gallon serving, it’s not very concentrated. Due to its heavily chemical make-up, it also gives off an odor.

7. SuperSeal 2000 by Concrete Coatings

This product is also composed of acrylic. The SuperSeal 2000 gives any surface a glossy look, but only works if you apply several coatings. You can use both sprayers and rollers for application, but the latter works better. Exterior and interior surfaces can both benefit from its application.

The SuperSeal 2000 is very durable and includes non-yellowing ingredients.

Cons include the pungent smell and the time it takes to dry. The sealer is also quite expensive.

Once you’ve looked at this list, you should be able to decide what the best paver sealer is for you. Not only does this choice involve budget considerations, but also the odor of the sealer. If you’re fine with odors and want the glossiest finish, then you should choose pure acrylics. However, if you have allergies and want light coats, then you should go with the odorless options.

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