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Best Tool Carts – Top Picks For Tool Access

Tool Cart

Whether you are a professional auto mechanic, a DIYer, or a hobbyist, a mechanic tool cart can be a great way to keep all your important tools handy and safe. With a tool cart, not only do you get the storage space of a cabinet, but you also get the portability of a toolbox making it suitable for carrying larger and heavier tools that would otherwise not fit in small toolboxes. However, it can be very tough to choose a tool cart among the hundreds of options available in the market. In order to make an informed buying decision here are a few things that you should look out for and how to find the best tool carts.

What to Look for in the Best Tool Carts

Tool Carts Size

Tool carts come in a wide variety of sizes. You should choose a size that is best suited for your tool collection. If you have a small DIY collection, an average-sized tool cart with a few drawers should be more than enough, whereas if you are planning on storing larger power tools then you will need a much bigger tool cart.

Tool Cart Material

Tool carts are most commonly made using hardened plastic, steel, aluminum, and wood. Where aluminum tool carts can be more portable, they might not be the best options when it comes to security. Steel tool carts on the other hand offer a greater level of security for your valuable tools. However, If you are looking for a budget option then plastic and wood tool carts can also get the job done.

Mobility of Your Tool Cart

With bigger tool carts one of the problems that people often have to face is the lack of mobility. So, it is best to go with a tool cart that is made from lighter materials like plastic or aluminum. This will make it much easier for you to transport your tools from one place to another.

Locking Tool Cart 

Security is always a very important aspect of a tool cart. Most tool carts will come with a lock and key to keep the drawers locked to provide an added layer of security. Make sure you get a tool cart that comes with a good locking mechanism to keep your tools protected at all times.

List of the Best Tool Carts

Here are our top picks for tool carts on the market.

Goplus Rolling Tool Box – (Sliding Top Tool Cart)

Made from black coated solid steel, the Goplus Rolling Tool Box has a strong and steady construction that provides long-term reliability and durability. It features a lot of space with two drawers for storing your tools, an extra compartment on the top with a sliding lid, and a bottom tray where you can put bigger tools. One of the best things about its top storage compartment is that it can be used as a work surface when the sliding top is closed. It can carry 350 lbs of weight at a time and is 31″ long and  15″ wide.

It is also equipped with 4 wheels: two universal casters and two fixed casters, to easily move the cart from one place to another. Moreover, the handle can be attached to either side of the cart to easily pull or push the cart. The drawers also have a locking system for added security.

JEGS Toolbox Cart – (4 Drawer Tool Cart)

Made from alloy steel and rubber and coated with black powder for a clean finish. The JEGS toolbox cart has a solid construction that offers strength and durability. It features four drawers, a storage compartment, and a bottom tray. It has four 5-inch rubber wheels and a steel handle on the left that you can use to pull or push the cart on its wheels to move it from one place to another. The drawers also come with a lock and key to make sure your tools stay secure when you aren’t using them.

The top compartment is 27″ long and 15-3/8″ wide and is designed to easily hold 200lbs of weight. Both the top drawers can collectively hold 60 lbs. The middle drawer can hold 50 lbs, and the bottom drawer can hold 70 lbs of weight.  The bottom tray is designed to hold bigger and heavier tools and can easily support 200lbs of weight. In total, the cart can carry 480 lbs of weight at a time.

Husky Rolling Tool Cart

Made from alloy steel and wood, this rolling tool cart by Husky features 3 36”-drawers that can hold up to 50 lbs of weight each. Its bottom tray is made from reinforced steel which allows it to hold a variety of larger and heavier tools. It has a fixed wooden top made from parawood that adds to the look of the cart while also serving as a durable and practical word surface.

It has a heavy-duty handle to the left and four casters that allows you to move it around your shop, office, or garage easily. One of the best things about this tool cart is that it comes with preinstalled speed nuts. Also included bolts making it extremely simple to assemble out of the box.

It also features rated ball-bearing drawer slides that provide smooth operation. It has a total storage capacity of over 200 lbs.

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer Cart

If you don’t want to spend your money on a full-fledged rolling tool cart, you can try using the DEWALT TSTAK system. It comprises several modular storage units giving you a customized solution to store your tools. It allows you to build a personalized storage unit that fits your needs.

However, these boxes can be a bit difficult to transport as they don’t come with fixed wheels. This is why you need the DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer Cart. Made from durable polypropylene, it can endure everything that might come its way at a regular job site. It is made specifically for use with the DEWALT TSTAK system. For transporting tools and stored items around the work site using its 4 heavy-duty wheels.

It weighs just over 7 lbs making it extremely lightweight. However, it can still hold all four of the toolboxes that you get in a DEWALT TSTAK system without breaking a sweat.

Homak Rolling Tool Cart

The Homak company has been manufacturing a number of different hardware products since the 1960s. Their toolboxes, tool cabinets, and other accessories are recognized as some of the best in the business . This rolling cart is made from some of the highest grade steel available. It features 2 drawers with ball bearing glides and slip-proof mats. This 27″ Tool Cart also features a bottom tray for holding heavier and larger items.

It has four casters: two swivel casters and two fixed casters for easily moving the cart around. Each caster can support up to 150 pounds of weight. If you take a look at the top compartment of the unit, you will find another storage area above the drawers. This compartment splits down the middle and has sliding lids that open to reveal the extra storage space. It also has a tubular locking mechanism to keep your tools secure.

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