Palmgren 6″ 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder, No Dust Collection Review

Palmgren 6

Quick Overview





  • Provides smooth, quiet power
  • Build structure is solid
  • Variable speed model
  • Can handle heavy duty operations
  • CSA approved
  • OSHA compliant wheels


  • No dust collection bag
  • Some quality issues, such as paint flaking
  • No wire wheel included in the tool
  • Grinding wheels difficult to use with small objects

Anyone that works with metal knows that only a bench grinder is a necessity for smoothing rough edges. While there are other alternative tools that you can utilize, a bench grinder is efficient and more precise to correct imperfections in metal.

Even individuals who don't frequently work with metals can benefit by adding the Palmgren 6" 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder to their workshop.

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This bench grinder is designed to handle heavy rock stock removal to finishing and polishing operations. It can be used to sharpen metal, renew old, dull metal tools and keep knives sharp. In the long run, you can help save a lot of money in replacement costs.

Under heavy load, the Palmgren 6" 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder comes with capacitor to supply extra current required during start up and operation.


This bench grinder has a large adjustable tool rest for safe, efficient tilting and angle grinding. For your convenience, the safety eye shields are provided and you can easily adjust it. A wheel to wheel clearance feature makes it easier to ground longer items.

The dynamically balanced sealed bearings minimise vibration to ensure smooth running. This bench grinder is CSA approved and OSHA compliant.

It is a high precision one-piece steel construction. This bench grinder is chrome plated with rolled steel screws. The angles on this grinder are relatively small but it isn’t anything you can’t fix in a few minutes.

Using gage block sets, you can adjust the angles to your liking. On selected models, there is exclusive single port dust collection system.

Let's have a look at several advantages of using this bench grinder in your home shop.


  • Provides smooth, quiet power
  • Can execute tasks such as grinding, cleaning, deburring, and sharpening
  • Can handle heavy duty operations
  • Can position longer items with the wheel to wheel clearance
  • Minimal vibration is due to dynamically balanced rotors
  • Large adjustable tool rests for efficient tilting
  • Eye shields which are adjustable
  • Maximum performance, accuracy, and value
  • CSA approved
  • OSHA compliant wheels for all grinding wheel and wire brush operations
  • Variable speed model
  • Open flanged shaft for all your buffing and polishing applications
  • High precision one-piece steel construction
  • Chrome plated steel screws


  • No dust collection bag
  • Tool rest may not be perpendicular to the wheel
  • No wire wheel included in the tool
  • Paint on tool may flake off
  • Vibrations and wobbling may occur
  • Grinding wheels difficult to use with small objects


The Palmgren 6" 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder is highly recommended. There are some details that you need to pay attention to before you purchase of this machine.

You can easily adjust the speed of this machine according to the tasks that you are doing.

Different speeds are required for tasks such as buffing and grinding. It does not take long for the speed to adjust. While there is some vibration when using this machine, it is minimal for a machine within this price category.

It is important to note that vibration is a tricky thing when it comes to grinding wheel because the wheel can cause more vibration than the machine does itself. When you take off in the grinding wheels, it has less vibration, but it is apparent that the wheels cause a lot of vibration.

Consider changing the wheels to see if that reduces the vibration of the machine.

This machine is also highly stable. Although it is not mounted on a table, it can stay in place due to its table base. The grinding wheels are also durable and well built compared to other grinders within the same price point.

While some of the attachments may be out of alignment, it is still a great bench grinder for versatility and overall build quality.


Craftsman 9-21154 Variable Speed 6-Inch Grinding Centeris a close contender for the Palmgren 6" 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder. This tool features variable speed control, which the Palmgren bench grinder also offers.

The Craftsman's bench grinder can complete a variety of grinding applications and offer quick change of the wheel guards. It also has large adjustable tool rests with patented attachments for accurate bit sharpening.

With one grinding and one wire wheel, the Craftsman’s men bench grinder can achieve maximum versatility. The knobs on the Craftsman bench grinder are different from Palmgren’s.

However, it cannot compete against the superior craftsmanship of the Palmgren. The wire wheel of Craftsman vibrates excessively, and it requires different wheel change to see which one is better.

While the Palmgren offers relatively little noise when using it, the Craftsman makes awful sounds at higher speeds. The clear shields on the Craftsman are also redundant as they become loose due to excessive vibrations.

Its motors are weak that you have to turn the grinding wheel manually to get it started. The plastic water-cooling tray is also wobbly as compared to the stable base of the Palmgren.


While the Craftsman 9-21154 Variable Speed 6-Inch Grinding Centre has a close price point to the Palmgren 6" 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder, it cannot measure up to the features that Palmgren offers. While broken wheels and balance problems is an issue for Craftsman, Palmgren is a sturdy machine for your whole shop.

If you find the balance to be an issue for your machine, all you need to do is grab a couple of high-quality wheels to fix the problems of improper alignment.

The Palmgren 6" 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder is also perfect for a comfortable working environment because it produces little noise. It's motor also provides more than enough power for any home use.

This grinder also has great bearings which are sealed to keep wheel dust out. At full speed, the Palmgren 6" 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder is very quiet compared to the Craftsman grinder.

With the ease of use, quiet operations and more than enough power for your home projects, the Palmgren 6" 1/3HP 115/230V Grinder makes your investment worth it.

This bench grinder is solidly built and well balanced. It can last for a long time, and you can tell at first sight that it is a solid bench grinder.

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