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How To Buy A Bench Grinder

how to buy a bench grinder

The bench grinder is a kind of power tool that is utilized to sharpen and grind materials ranging from metal, wood, or even plastic. Metal is hardwearing and durable so it requires a specific tool that is capable of whetting or honing tool edges. This is the sole purpose of a bench grinder and they are usually made to be propped on a bench or a table as you perform the task.

It comes with grinding wheels that have coarse edges on both sides. You will see this power tool in any metal or woodworking shop in order to accomplish tasks like honing, polishing, buffing, and grinding. There are bigger grinders meant for business use but there are also smaller ones meant for home workshops. This article will discuss what you need to remember on how to buy a bench grinder.

Buying Guide: How To Buy A Bench Grinder

Before buying one, you have to be able to tell the different types of bench grinders being sold on the market to guarantee that you will get the right unit for your projects. You do not want to waste your funds on a model that you will not be able to use. Here are the two main types of bench grinders.

  • Regular speed (6 inches)

The regular kind operates at available standard speeds. It has sufficient power to manage the majority of home repairs and improvement procedures. This kind of grinder operates at 4 amps or within that range. It has an RPM of roughly 3400-3600. The regular speed bench grinder works with minimal noise; however, there are models that are quite heavy.

  • Slow speed (8 inches)

The 8-inch grinder is usually recommended for professional use. In case you want to tackle more extensive tasks or need to make use of a wire brush or buffing wheel, the slow speed, 8-inch grinder is your best bet. While this type of grinder moves at a slower pace, it will require fewer wheel changes.

Bench Grinder Considerations

Next on how to buy a bench grinder is to keep in mind several crucial factors. Not recognizing these factors might lead to buying a grinder that will not fit your needs. In order to make the most out of your power tool, you have to select the right model and grinder type. Quality bench grinders are not actually the most high-end product out there. Instead, they are the units that will give you satisfaction and do the work they are supposed to accomplish. Here are some considerations that you need to be familiar with.

1.  First, you have to know what you are going to utilize the power tool for. We have talked about the kinds of bench grinders available earlier. Base the unit that you think you need from the kind of work you usually do or intend to perform.

2.  Search for strong, hard wearing models if you are after honing corroded tools or metal. Not all bench grinders do the same thing—some are specific and have their own set of purposes, so better read the description of the product first before buying it.

3.  Make sure you know the kind of wheel you need for the grinder. Guarantee that the device operates with the wheel that you are after. The most commonly-used grinding wheels are the wire brush wheel, buffing wheels, fine-grit wheels, and coarse grinding wheels.

4.  Check the horsepower of the unit. Bigger motors obviously churn out bigger grinding powers. If you intend to work on larger, tougher metals, you should invest in as powerful model that your money can buy.

5.  Consider long-term usage. If you only intend to utilize the unit for lighter projects like sharpening knives, or you plan to use it every now and then, you can make do with a regular bench grinder. However, if you want to use it for professional work, you should invest in a more powerful model.

This kind of power tool is utilized for lots of purposes. However, take note that several models operate better than others based on the manner they are used. You need to assess what you need and the model you are after.

If the product suits your budget on hand and it comes with the features you are looking for, then do not hesitate – you must go and buy that model. This handy guide on how to buy a bench grinder will help lead you to a product that will accomplish all of the tasks and projects that you intend to do.

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