Table Saws for Hobbyist

table saw for hobbyist

Whether it’s professional tasks or DIY projects, a table saw is one of the useful tools to have. Although most people use table saws to cut wood, they can also cut a variety of other materials including metal, tile, and plastic. If you are looking for a table saw, but woodworking is more of a hobby than a profession for you, you probably need a saw that is affordable, and can reliably handle your DIY projects, and other small tasks. Finding such a table saw can be challenging sometimes, therefore, here are some things to keep in mind, along with a list of table saws that are ideal for a hobbyist.

What to Look For When Buying a Table Saw for Hobbyist

Saw type

The three base table saw types include benchtop saws, hybrid saws, and stationary saws. Although all three of these serve different purposes, if you are someone who wants a saw for their DIY projects it is best to go with a benchtop as it is easy to carry around and store and is perfect for smaller projects.


Table space refers to the tabletop that your saw will fit on. It will determine what size of wood your saw will be able to cut. Although table sizes vary with different types of saws, for a benchtop saw you don’t need anything more than 19”x22”, whereas if you are going with a hybrid saw you will need 24”x22” of table space.

table saw for hobbyist

Blade size

10” blades are the most commonly used blades for table saws, however, you can also find other sizes including 8”, 10”, and 14”. If you have a small portable table saw you should go with an 8” or 10” blade. One thing that you need to remember is that you can use multiple sizes of blades on your saw, just make sure they aren’t bigger than what the saw is compatible with. You might also consider a Dado Saw Blade.

Rip capacity

The rip capacity of a blade determines the size of boards that your saw will be able to rip. Your rip capacity is determined by what kind of wood you plan on working with. If you anticipate cutting plywood or wide boards you will need a 24” rip capacity, otherwise, you can easily get the job done with something smaller.

Dust collection

If you plan on doing most of your work indoors, dust collection is not something you can’t ignore. This is because long-term exposure to sawdust can end up causing a variety of different health problems. Many table saws nowadays have a quick connect adapter that you can use to connect it to your shop vacuum and get rid of all the dust while working. So, make sure you go with a table saw that has an efficient dust collection mechanism.

Blade guard

A blade guard is one of those features that most people fail to appreciate when buying a new table saw. However, it is extremely important for the safety of users. If you are a hobbyist and haven’t worked with table saws professionally it is important that you buy a table saw that has all the bases covered when it comes to safety.

Here is a list of some of the best table saws for hobbyist.


The Dewalt is known for making some of the highest quality power tools in the market and the DWE7491RS table saw is no different. It is an extremely durable and reliable table saw with a number of convenient features including telescoping fence rails that retract to make the unit more portable and easy to store. It also features an onboard storage system which allows you to store all the accessories and keep them handy for when needed.

The saw weighs a total of 90 pounds and is designed to fold up quickly for easy transport. It features a 10” 24-tooth carbide blade, powered by a 15 amp high torque motor which allows it to power through a variety of different materials including pressure-treated lumber and hardwood. It also features a rack & pinion fence system making fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate.


Featuring a 15 amp motor that delivers 5,800 rpm, DEWALT DWE7485 has a compact design that makes it easy to store and move around. It has an 8.25-inch blade and a rip capacity of 24.5 inches. With its Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails, you get fast, smooth, and accurate fence adjustment. It also comes with onboard storage to keep all the accessories.

This saw is made for those who are looking for a high-performing table saw without breaking the bank. Although the lower cost does mean that you would be able to work with a smaller variety of materials it is still one of the best options in the market right now. It also features a 2-1/2-inch dust collection port which is great for clearing the path while cutting.

SKIL TS6307-00

The SKIL TS6307-00 is a great choice for both hobbyists and professionals as it is extremely durable, reliable, and easy to use. It gives you fast and accurate cuts with its rack and pinion rails that make sure that the fence stays parallel to the blade.

This unit is very easy to store because of its collapsible legs that can be folded easily making it easy for you to take it from one place to another or put it in your trunk. It also has a dust collection elbow that attaches to your shop vacuum to collect all the dust and debris while you work.

It features a robust 15 amp motor, a 24 x 25-inch table, and a self-aligning fence and weighs 51 pounds in total. Its Maximum cutting depth at 45-degrees is 2 ½” whereas at 90 degrees it is 3 ½ “.

Bosch 4100-10

Last but not least on the list of the best table saws for hobbyist. Boasting a powerful 15 amp direct drive 4 HP motor that delivers 3,650 rpm. Bosch 4100-10 is perfect for both rip cutting and cross-cutting different kinds of fine and rough materials. Weighing a total of 110 pounds, this is a heavy-duty unit with a large case aluminum top. This provides a larger workspace and material support with a ripping capacity of 30 inches.

The unit features a constant response soft-start circuit that helps maintain speed even under high pressure. This keeps the circuit breaker from tripping. Its light GTA47W Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand folds easily making the unit more portable and easy to store.

The riving knife and anti-kickback pawls on this saw help provide protection. Whereas the guard assembly creates a barrier that precludes the possibility of direct contact with the blade. While allowing an unobstructed view to the user.