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5 Best Jointer Planer Combos on the Market Right Now

Jointer and Planer combos can be used for woodworking

Jointer planer combos can help you work on large pieces of wood. You can cut them down to size, smooth the edges and make great projects. It’s really the ultimate tool for someone working with wood. My favorite is the Rikon because even though it is smaller it doesn’t skimp on power. Check it out at Amazon. Hence, here is a list of the best jointer and planer for woodworking.

1. JET Jointer Planer

The Jet JJP-12 12-inch jointer planer comes with a parallelogram design. The table is close to the cutter head which makes for a very easy and precise operation.

Since the instrument and base are close together, you can really control every cut you make.

It also makes the size compact for smaller shops.  The motor is 3.0 HP which is the standard for jointer planer combos. And the aluminum fence is very useful for keeping things in place.

The only real problem with this jointer planer combo is that the included cutterhead isn’t up to scratch. If you get a better one on your own, you’ll see the difference immediately. Otherwise, this is the best jointer planer combo out there.

2. Grizzly Planer/Jointer Combo

The Grizzly G0858 is a great investment for power. With a tantalizing 3.0 hp of power and a carbide cutterhead, the Grizzly very literally tears up wood. And while that may seem like overkill to some, the pros have to have their power.

There is a four-inch dust port which is incredible for collecting dust. That means no matter what powerful equipment you hook up to it, the mess will be taken care of. The one drawback for the Grizzly is the price. It is a third more expensive than the top model on this list. And while the specs are technically more impressive, some may prefer the more subtle precision of the Jet JJP 12-inch.

3. Jet JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer/Planer

You should strongly consider this model if you’re on a budget. You can get it for about a quarter of the Jet JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer. Not to say that the latter isn’t a great deal, but it is known to be expensive. The best overall value is with the BTOS 10-inch jointer planer.

It features a very decent 10-inch cutting width. There’s also a stand that can be extended to turn it into a floor model. There are also very big knobs on the device so that small adjustments can be made easily.

It does require a bit of setup though. You may need to read up on the instructions for a little while.

4. RIKON Power Tools 

While it comes in a small frame, don’t let the size fool you. The RIKON Power Tools 25-210H is a great Jointer Planer that has a 3.0 hp motor. It’s very powerful and combined with a 12-inch cutterhead, can make quick work of any wood.

Hence, you’ll get a lot of power in a small space. If you don’t have much space in your shop, this will give you the power and the freedom to operate it.

The drawbacks however, may turn some people off. It doesn’t have as good of quality control on the operations as the others on this list. Its controls require very specific calibration for the best operation. Hence, it makes for very frustrating adjustment and readjustment through the process.

5. Jet Jointer/Planer Combo

This is one of the cheapest listings in the best jointer planer combo catalog. The Jet JJP-8BT Jointer Planer is great at its job, despite the problems that might occur. You can get this model for a fifth less than the price for the rest of these listings. However, if you can contend with the problems that are known to occur, you’ll be making the right choice.

It has a compact benchtop design. This means there is no stand included. You’ll need a workbench to operate this properly. If you don’t have a lot of extra floor space, however, this is the best jointer planer combo for you.

The large knobs on the model make for easy adjustment and give you a lot of control over the operation. The drawback is it has a small 13-amp motor. This means that it’s only half as powerful as the other 3.0 HP models.

The assembly process is also quite lengthy. You can run into problems to fix some of the problems with the balance.

What to Look For In a Jointer Planer Combo

Jointer Planer combos aren’t just about the size. Picking one out involves looking at the design, the power, and the precision that this device provides.

Stand Type

Stand types are something that the pros all look for before anything else. There are three kinds.

Closed stands are used for bases. They’re usually made from solid metal sheets and they offer storage in the base. They’re the strongest type of stands.

Open stands have legs like a table and sometimes include a shelf, which you can use for tool storage. While some may complain that this can produce problems with dust, it’s really more related to the dust collection system. These are cheaper stands since they are not all metal. Hence, you should be careful when putting pressure on them.

The last type of jointer planer stand either folds out or doesn’t exist. They are called benchtop jointer planer combos. These are generally the cheapest.

Dust Collection

You will definitely produce a lot of sawdust when you’re using a jointer planer combo. If you’re not going to invest in a good dust collection system, your workbench will always be a mess. You’ll eventually need to clean it up either way. Hence, investing in one is a really good idea.

If you’ve already got one, then you’ll need to buy a jointer planer combo to match. Common dust port sizes are usually 1-1/2, 2, and 4 inches. If your equipment uses a very different size, then you’ll need to order an adapter.

Having a dust collection system attached to your jointer planer really yields a great experience. Not having to worry about the mess when you’re done for the day really improves your mood.


If it comes with less than 1.0 hp, then that jointer planer combo isn’t worth it. It’s going to make sense for most people that they get a 3.0 hp for their jointer planer combo. This is because most projects require that much power.

Just remember that for less than 1.0 hp, you won’t get work done on most hardwood. However, for over 3.0 hp, you’re really not getting any more efficient. Hence, save your money and look for something within 3.0 that gets the job done.

Bed Size and Cutting Depth

Small jointer planers are usually very portable and cheap, but they’ll limit what you can do with them. Most people don’t need more than six to eight inches of bed width, but for pros, that won’t do.

Remember than the depth is more important than the material per pass with great depth. This is sufficient for most jobs and saves time. A lot of machines which have a depth of ½ or ¾ inches are enough for most uses.

However, beyond that, if you’re looking for the best jointer planer combos for professional work, it’s going to cost you.

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