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The Best Wood Sanders You Can Buy

Wood sanders are electronic instruments that can be used to smooth out wooden surfaces. They are usually powered by some sort of electrical output or battery.

However, they require manual direction, no matter what. They are usually operated through a mechanism that rotates sandpaper over a surface very rapidly. The sander has to be moved over the surface at a regular pace in order to smooth out the surface equally.

Wood sanders are used to smooth out surfaces like the tops of tables, and the sides of chairs. They can also be used for the tops and sides of ornaments and boxes, etc. Essentially, the work of a wood sander is a mix of aesthetics and practicality. It makes the surface more beautiful to look at, and more even.

Here are the best wood sanders you can buy. My favorite is the Black+Decker Orbit Sander because of it’s lightweight design. Check it out at Amazon.

Best Wood Sanders

Aouker Hand Sander

Aouker HS85180 Hand Sander with Sponge Handle, Perfect for 9 x 3.6 inch Sandpaper

The Aouker Hand sander is one of the best manual sanders you can buy today. It’s not only one of the best wood sanders, but it’s also a great sander without question. It’s a great marriage between craftsmanship and efficiency. Not only will it not break the bank, but it will get the job done quickly.

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If you rarely do any sanding, this is the sander for you. It’s also a great choice if you’re an avid sander. Since electronic sanders can do a lot of work quickly, the market for these manual sanders is shrinking. Yet, the level of control that you get with manual sanders is unparalleled.

This one has been called durable, easy to use, and very easily grippable. It’s also built with a mechanism that allows for easy and quick changing of sandpaper.

PORTER-CABLE Drywall Sander

PORTER-CABLE 7800 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander with 13-Foot Hose

Sanding Drywalls means that you’re going to end up with a mess. The dust that is created after super fine sanding gets everywhere. If you want to reduce that mess significantly, then go with the PORTER-CABLE Drywall Sander.

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This sander has a built-in dust collection hose that reduces the amount of dust that spills on the floor. Connect the hose to a good shop vacuum, and you’ll see the drywall dust just sucked up.

The PORTER-CABLE sander has a maximum speed of 2000 revolutions per minute. And the variable speed (1400-2000 rpm) will afford you great control as well. The speed and power coupled with a long reach that it affords gives you the perfect instrument to work with.

While it’s not the cheapest instrument on this list, it may as well be the most capable. It is perfect for the professional or someone who just occasionally has to do home repairs. So many people have described it as the perfect instrument for drywall work.


BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (BDERO100)

This detail sander can be treated as a tool for carpentry or for the amateur who only sands occasionally. Detail sanders will serve their purpose for professionals since they have to sand corners or other hard to reach areas. For amateurs, they provide ease of use. They help to finish off large projects, like wooden floors.

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The Black+Decker Sander is very lightweight, so it’s easy on the muscles for extended periods. It’s also very appealing and despite the small size, it gives 14,000 oscillations per minute. This makes quick work of most projects.

The Black+Decker also features a 3 position grip. This makes it so the sander can be held like a pistol, with the hand atop the tool. You can use that grip in two different positions. Both these positions would either allow for ideal pressure, comfort or control. The angular tip would allow for very precise sanding as well as reach into the smallest corners.

To top that off, there is a dust collection system included in the Black+Decker sander. This orbital sander is thus much cleaner than other sanders. Hence, you can even work on a project inside your house and not worry much about the mess. There will still be a lot of dust to clean, but much less than with a regular sander.

DEWALT Variable Speed Orbit Sander

DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (DWE6423K)

If you’ve ever used an orbital sander, then you know that it can get your arms and shoulders sore. Applying pressure to it and resisting all the vibrations can be hard work. Hence, the over-mold grip on the DEWALT orbital sander is a much-appreciated addition. It also has a built-in counterweight.

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The sander can be programmed for 8000 to 12000 oscillations per minute. Hence, the control and the speed make for a very powerful combination. The area is also kept very clean due to the locking dust bag which comes with it. The amount of sawdust in your work area will be significantly reduced. There’s also a carrying bag included which makes the transport and storage easier.

The DEWALT orbital sander makes the most sense when you’re doing cabinets, shelves, or wooden furniture.

The best part about the DEWALT orbital sander has to be the extended control and use that it affords. Get this if you have detailing to do around the house.

Makita Belt Sander

Makita 9403 4

Belt sanders are used to sand large areas. This could be a piece of the floor, a deck or a large area like an extended countertop. The belt sander from Makita has a maximum speed of 1640 feet per minute. That combined with a 4-inch wide belt helps you cover a lot of ground. The large surface area also helps you cover more ground in less time. It helps you work on large projects and make short work of them.

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Just keep in mind that the 13-pound sander comes with a lot of potential to break a piece of wood. It features an 11 amp motor with electronic speed control. However, that power can often be misjudged in the wrong hands.

Hence, you should have a lot of control over this. On the flip side, this is a very quiet sander. It is quiet compared to others, operating at 85 decibels. The dual grip also affords you better control. Hence, it’s also very comfortable to use.

The Makita belt sander comes with a 1-year warranty and is positioned for operator comfort. So it won’t wear out or wear you out during operation.

These are some of the best wood sanders you can buy. If you’re an occasional enthusiast or a professional, you’ll find these very useful. And you’ll find that even if you’re not a thorough professional, these instruments will help you get the job done.

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