Bench Grinder Safety

bench grinder safety

Woodworking requires precise equipment that is mostly on the heavy and meticulous side. Hence it is important that DIY and woodworking enthusiasts should be careful handling such devices. The bench grinder, in particular, requires specific care.

This device features a rough wheel or a wire brush that rotates at high speeds and it is utilized for buffing, deburring, polishing, and honing. In order to use it properly, individuals have to use a steady hand and good lighting plus focus on the task to avoid injury. What other bench grinder safety practices are there, though? To use a bench grinder safely, here is what you have to do.

Tips for a Bench Grinder Safety

1.  Arrange the bench grinder prior to usage. Make use of the proper wheel for the grinding or polishing process that you need to accomplish. There are specific grinding wheels for every material while there are also wheels with wire brushes in order to clean components.

Be certain that there is a gap that measures 1/16 inch between the wheel and the tool rest. As the wheel wears away, the gap increases and so it requires adjustment. The manual for the bench grinder might have instructions for adjustments and wheel replacements.

2.  Make sure to have a bowl or pot of water on hand close to the grinder in case the model you own does not feature one. You might need to plunge the metal that you are working on into the water every now and then to stop the material from getting overly hot.

3.  The next thing you have to do for bench grinder safety is to put on your safety gear and this includes items like a leather apron, leather gloves, and face and eye protection. Plug the grinder in and stand to the wheel’s side. Switch the device on and allow the grinder to spin to speed before you shift in front of its wheel.

4.  Proceed to stand in front of the wheel and hold the component or tool that you want to work on steadily against the grinder’s tool rest. Start by moving it slowly and evenly onward till it comes into contact with the wheel.

If you are dealing with metal material, keep in mind to dip the item into the water every now and then to cool the metal. The significant shift in temperature might lead to weakened or brittle metal so you have to avoid the item from getting overly hot.

It is also suggested that you change the grinding wheel and keep track of the instructions in the manual for replacements. If you cannot modify the work rest within 1 and 16 inches from the wheel or if you are obligated to drive into the wheel to make it work, then it requires replacement.

Make sure to put on qualified eye and face protective gear prior to using the bench grinder and keep track of all the safety practices indicated in the manual. Do not take away the outer guards or safety shield of the grinder. If it displays damages or the item is missing, you have to change it prior to using the device again.

Do not think of grinding on the wheel’s side since this can weaken and shatter the wheel. Make sure that your task is close to the center of the wheel particularly when honing items on it. In case you want to install a new wheel, you must always follow the instructions on the manual. If the wheel was not installed correctly, this can lead to injury.

Some Additional Safety Tips

1.  Make sure that the pedestal and the bench grinder is attached securely and that the guards are in position before use.

2.  Do not adjust the tool rest whenever the wheel is moving. The height of the work rest must be on the horizontal center line on the spindle of the machine.

3.  Make sure that the wheels feature blotters on every side and that the wheel fits correctly to the spindle when installing. If it is slack, change the wheel with one that fits correctly.

4.  Put slow pressure to let the wheel warm up in an even manner. Use only the pressure needed when working on an item. Move the item back and forth throughout the wheel’s face to prevent the formation of grooves.

5.  Dress the wheel constantly and apply light dressings compared to heavier ones. Support the dressing devices so you can put some control without requiring additional effort. You should change the wheel as well if you can’t dress it.

Those are the bench grinder safety practices that you need to remember when using the device. It will not only avoid unnecessary events like injuries, it will also help lengthen the life of your bench grinder.