Best Bench Grinder Reviews

Any workplace is in need of a bench grinder that can do a lot of work around your space from smoothing things out to repairing tools, so it is important to find the best bench grinder that would meet to all your needs as well as being budget friendly.

Enthusiasts who are into home improvement and all the hefty do it all yourselves must consider investing in a good bench grinder. Although, finding the best bench grinder is not a big challenge, because all bench grinders do similar things, however, some bench grinders are better at certain jobs than others.

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This article will review the top choices for the bench grinders in the market and it will help you determine which model is a better match for your workplace equipment.

The Best Bench Grinders

WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light


JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder


CRAFTSMAN 921124 6″ Variable Speed Grinding Center


Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder


DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder


Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder


SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder


DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder


1. WEN 4276 – The Best Bench Grinder for The Money

At only 16 pounds the WEN 4276 is one of the smallest bench grinders in the market with total dimensions of 14 x 10 x 15 inches, it can fit anywhere without taking up a lot of space.

Despite its small size, the Wen 4276 can truly drill fantastically thanks to its 2.1 amps powerful motor.

The motor is very strong it lets the wheels spin at 3450 rpm under no load which is efficient enough to be worked on drill bits or mower blades, as well as being fast enough for you to be able to remove material on wood quickly.

The WEN 4276 bench grinder is available with the standard 36 grit and 60 grit wheels in which they measure six inches by three fourths inches, this product is made of premium qualities that last a long life; the motor housing is made of high metal quality and the cast iron base is robust to help keep the table grinder anchored solidly to your bench.

Another great perk of the 4276’s build is its eye guards and housings which are designed to be easily removed at any time to guarantee fast wheel removal yet still offer brilliant face protection.

The 4276 comes with a work light which will be very helpful especially if you have low lighting in your workshop, this piece is attached overhead the lamp which you can easily adjust as it provides with the best light, this will result in helping you work more accurately.

The WEN 4276 is a good bench grinder under $100, as it offers great performance and value for such little money, it is a gadget you will be glad to obtain.

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  • It’s a portable model, so it only weighs 16 pounds and measures 14 inches across.
  • The motor allows for 3450 RPM.
  • The pre-installed wheels are with 36-grit and 60-grit.
  • It comes with eye guards that are easy to remove, so it’s no trouble to replace the wheel with another type.
  • Despite the low price, it comes with a work lamp.
  • There’s a nice cast iron base as well to minimize the wobbling.
  • It has tool rests against both wheels, and they’re both adjustable.
  • The warranty is for two years.


  • It may be affordable, but the build quality isn’t cheap at all. It’s really quite durable.
  • It’s small and light enough to bring anywhere, and it’s no problem to put in your workshop or in some storage area.
  • It has a work light that you can adjust so you can see your work more clearly.
  • The tool rests are adjustable so you can set the right angle for your work.
  • It doesn’t shake and crawl all over the place when the wheels are spinning.
  • The power is adequate enough for most basic tasks.
  • The motor is relatively quiet.
  • The wheel guards are easy to remove for quick wheel changes.


  • The power is enough for basic tool sharpening, but not for the workload of a DIY enthusiast. You’ll need to keep from pressing on the wheel too hard, as you may really slow down the spinning.
  • You have to get the wheels spinning before the light turns on automatically. So, it’s not as easy to inspect the work when you stop the wheels.

This is a portable unit designed for basic tool sharpening tasks, which explains the low price. But you get your money’s worth after just the first day, when you consider the fees for professional tool sharpening. This gets the work done, and for the budget-conscious it’s excellent.

To all heavy duty operators who tired of cheap and fast breaking grinders, we have found thebest bench grinder wheels for you to use for the impossible missions. This product comes with an 8 amps motor, in other words, it is about twice as impressive as most of the on budget grinding machines.


2. JET 577102 – A Fantastic Bench Grinder for Heavy Duties

The JET grinder has two of an 8 inch wheels with a single speed of 3450 RPM that has 36-grit and 60-grit options; the medium sized grit works great with quick to grind away tasks, and the fine grit is best designed for more tender tasks.

The JET 577102 JBG-8A is a hefty machine, it comes in 19 inches; it is 10 inches deep and 12.5 inches high, and It weighs about 58 pounds.

Hence its hefty size, the vibrations will not cause the machine to walk off your work table thanks to its installed rubber foot which helps keeping it in place.

Although if you feel the need to be extra sure, it is possible for you to shovel in the machine onto your work stand to fully make sure of its the stability.

One of the JET’s many perks is its ability to smooth any operation that faces this bench grinder all thanks to its pre-lubricated ball bearings that are totally enclosed as they keep the spindle rotating moderately.

The grinder comes with a heavy base that is made of all metal materials along with wheel guards that are made of cast iron. It also has a room for ports for a dust collector.

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  • This comes with a 1-HP (8-amp) motor, and this gets the wheel spinning at 3450 RPM.
  • This comes with a couple of 8-inch wheels that are an inch wide. You again have the 36-grit wheel and the 60-grit wheel.
  • It measures 19 inches long, and it weighs a considerable 58 pounds.
  • The wheel guards are made of cast iron, too, and they also have exhaust ports for a dust collector.
  • The eye guards are large and they’re also adjustable.
  • You have guard shields at the sides of the toggle on/off switch.
  • The model also comes with sealed lubricated ball bearings.
  • It has a two-year warranty.


  • It’s a really powerful motor that can let you work with no problem, and you can press the metal piece on the wheel without slowing it down too much. The motor is really powerful.
  • The heavy weight and the design make it extremely stable.
  • This can work smoothly all day. That’s because you have ports for a dust collector, plus you also have lubricated ball bearings.
  • You can adjust the large eye guards to really keep the debris and sparks off your face.


  • With its size and weight, it’s not exactly portable.
  • It’s the most expensive model on this list.

This bench grinder is specially made for heavy duties only, it has a premium power featured as well as a bunch of superb advantages, this is one grinder that will not let you down in the middle of work as it could last all day working non-stop.


3. Craftsman 9-21124 – The Best Bench Grinder for Sharpening Chisels

The Craftsman 9-21124 is one of the best 6 inch grinding benches, it has a tool which features Variable Speed Control with 2000 to 3450 revolutions per minute for a variety of grinding applications.

With its 2.5 amps and 1.5 horsepower electric motor, simply the 9-21124 is considered to be a great bench grinder for sharpening.

In the Craftsman 9-21124, you will find amazing features and tools that will make this product an essential part of your maintenance life, you will be able to find tool rests along with a water cooling tray, the water cooling tray prevents any overheating from happening, also the bench grinder comes with wide clear eye shields and sturdy spark guards that make a great protection.

This machine weighs 30.8 pounds with a set of dimensions of 15 inches, 12.6 inches by 12.2 inches.

Furthermore, this bench grinder has a large cast iron base which provides excellent stability and minimizes vibration so you are guaranteed a slippery-free performance.

The 9-21124 comes with one grinding and one wire wheel for maximum versatility, the wire wheel is extremely helpful for maintaining screwdriver bits along with other small tools from rust, cleaning up parts (like bolts, screws, etc.) and several other purposes.

On the other hand, the grinding wheel is superb for all heavy duty operations thanks to its power which is more than just sufficient to grind through steel without slow downs.

On a side note, the wheel guards can be changed quickly and with ease.

One of the prominent merits of the Craftsman 9-21124 is its flexible work light that works independently from the grinder and still providing just enough enlightenment for the workspace to be suitable for the user’s sight.


  • Adjustable tools rests.
  • Provided work lights.
  • Quick-change wheel guards.
  • Variable speed control.


  • Not the strongest motor.
  • Makes noises in high speed.

Final thoughts, the Craftsman 9-21124 is a high quality machine at a good price range, it is easy to assemble and works just great while obtaining fantastic features.


4. Metabo DS 200 – The Best Bench Grinder for Lathe Tools

The Metabo DS 200 is an astonishing power machine that makes sharpening and smoothing procedures easier for all handymen and DIY enthusiasts.

This China-based bench grinder weighs about 36 pounds and has no load speed of 3,570 RPMs; it weighs 35.9 lbs, and measures 13.1 x 12.9 x 18.3 inches, it can be used anywhere as it is home friendly and workplace convenient.

This wonderful machine is known for being a bench grinder for sharpening, it has an amazing maintenance free induction motor which makes this more durable and efficient.

Unlike other similar bench grinders, Metabo bench grinders make less noise and have less vibration when in use thus making the grinder easier to use and maintain since it is designed to manage industrial procedures so it is able to tolerate plenty of pressure.

The Metabo DS model has variable speeds so you are enabled to do more than the basic projects since the grinder allows users to have better control over the wheel’s speed and it also allows adjustments in order to fit the result the user wants to achieve, as well as being occupied with a dust-protected stop switch in case of any emergency.

Moreover, this model has an adjustable bench work support without tools hence making it not just flexible, but also super easy to use and adjust during usage.


  • Flexible and easy to use.
  • Good for industrial use.
  • Has variable speeds.
  • Consumes reasonable power.
  • Durable and efficient motor.
  • High-end material body quality.


  • Misplacement of the eye shields.
  • Relatively heavy.
  • Quite pricey.

Final verdict, the Metabo DS 200 is a superb bench grinder to add to your workplace collection, it will accommodate your needs to the max by giving a hella good performance.


5. DEWALT DW758 – An Excellent Bench Grinder for Woodworking

Any DIYer will fall in love instantly with the Dewalt DW758; it is an 8 inch model and so it is a bit larger than most standard models, It comes with a 4.2 amps horsepower induction motor and it enables the grinding wheel to run at 3600 RPM, such powerful motor could be used in most tasks and delivering superb results whether by sharpening, polishing or cleaning your tools.

By the same, the motor has an overload protection which is a really helpful feature that keeps the motor from overheating thus help in extending the life of the grinder’s table.

The DW758 is sized in 16 inches comes in at 39.5 pounds of weight making it not the easiest machine to carry around anywhere but it will not take up much space in your workshop or in storage, this bench grinder has two wheels; the 36-grit for faster material removal and the 60-grit for general grinding projects.

The machine will operate more smoothly than other machines due to the exhaust ports at the rear of the guard wheels, on top of that, it has substantial aluminum tool rests against the wheels that are adjustable.

The Dewalt DW758 comes with large eye guards for extra eye protection so no spark or debris from the grinding could hurt your sight. But still you must be cautious and use the eye goggles to be more sure and safe.

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  • It comes with a nice ¾-HP motor that can get the wheels spinning up to 3600 RPM.
  • This weighs 39pounds and measures 16 inches wide. This means it’s not specifically a portable model, but it shouldn’t be hard to move around.
  • The wheel guards have exhaust ports at the rear so the debris can get out. This helps to let the wheel keep on spinning smoothly.
  • You have 12.5 inches of separation between the wheels, and that means you have more space to work with.
  • The tool rests are made of aluminum and they’re quite large. They can be adjusted to the angle you want as well.
  • The eye guards are huge, too. They can also be adjusted to the angle you want and you don’t need tools to make your adjustments.
  • The warranty is for three years, plus there’s also a free service warranty for a year.


  • The motor is impressive for an entry-level machine, and the 3600-RPM is sufficient for most types of bench grinder tasks. It’s also powerful enough that it shouldn’t slow down too much when you work on your metal workpiece.
  • It’s still very compact so it doesn’t take up as much space, and it’s easy enough to move from one spot to another.
  • The cast iron base does its job of stabilizing the unit.
  • The aluminum tool rests are bigger than usual and they’re easy to adjust.
  • The eye guards are adjustable, too, and for that you don’t even need tools.
  • The warranty period is quite lengthy, as usually one-year warranty is good enough. The lengthy warranty period gives you peace of mind for the next three years.


  • It doesn’t have a work lamp. This is an annoying drawback, since most cheap bench grinders feature work lights as a matter of course. So, you better have adequate lighting in your workshop at all times.
  • A small minority of units tend to end up with wobbly wheels, though it’s no problem to just have them replaced.

This is a classic and proven design, though a bit old-fashioned, as it has no lights. But you can just buy a work lamp on your own. What you do get is more than your money’s worth as it’s very solid, reliable, and it works well.


6. Delta Power Tools 23-197 – The Best Variable Speed Bench Grinder

Have you ever heard the saying that if it seems too good to be true, it usually is? That’s a saying that you may remember when you see this Delta Power Tools 23-197. But it really is this good and it really is this affordable.

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  • This features two 8-inch wheels, so you get more grinding power than the usual 6-inch version. Like most models, you have a 36-grit and a 60-grit.
  • You also have variable speed. The regular speed is at 3400 RPM. But you can turn a dial and you can slow the wheel down to just 2000 rpm.
  • It has a work light, too. In addition, this light comes with its own on/off switch.
  • It weighs 44 pounds, which you can believe when you see the solid cast iron base.
  • The tool rests are adjustable. One of them even has a drill bit milled into its surface.
  • In front of the unit, there’s a compartment that’s actually designed to work as a water tray.
  • You have a lock for the on/off switch.


  • First off, you don’t really get any problems with the power of the motor. The wheel doesn’t slow down at the slightest touch of your metal work piece.
  • The wheels are also 8 inches. They’re much more efficient than the 6-inch versions.
  • You also have the option of slowing down the RPM. This is great for tasks such as buffing and polishing metal, as you need a slower rpm rate for that sort of work.
  • It doesn’t occupy a lot of space.
  • The cast iron base makes it really stable.
  • It comes with a work light, and it’s nice that you have a separate light switch. This means you can turn it off when you’re working or turn it on when the wheels aren’t spinning.
  • It even comes with a water tray.
  • The warranty is really long.


  • It’s not as easy to assemble as other bench grinder models. You better find some YouTube videos.
  • Removing the eye guard isn’t all that quick and easy either. This makes replacing the wheel a bit of a chore.

The drawbacks are minor compared to the many convenient features you get. It’s as if the designers thought of everything you’d need and placed everything there in their bench grinder. With its powerful motor, variable speed, stable base, water tray, and long warranty, it’s really a steal.


7. SKIL 3380-01 – Best Bench Grinder for Knife Making

If you are looking for the a bench grinder for sharpening mower blades, then you have found your savior.

The SKIL 3380-01 is specially designed for sharpening knives and lawn mower blades and any other lightweight duties that require a simple grinder.

The SKIL 3380-01 comes with a 2.1 amps motor; it is quite the powerful motor, it is strong enough to rotate the wheels up to 3,450 RPM which is also an enough grinding power for most simple grinding tasks such as sharpening cutting tools.

Furthermore, the bench grinder comes with a two 6 inch wheels, one of them is a coarse wheel that can be used for easy and quick results when you grind away, while the other is a medium wheel for all general use.

The 3380-01 is an extremely portable device, you can carry it around anywhere all thanks to its small and compact size, also you could store it easily as it could fit about anywhere you want it to.

The SKIL 3380-01 has work lights installed unlike most models that come with a lamp, they are such an aid for dark workspaces as they provide suitable amount of light enough to light up your sight while working.

Moreover, you will find clear eye guards that keep debris and sparks off your face while you are drilling, however, wear protective goggles for extra protection.



  • It can reach a spinning rate of 3450 RPM, powered by the 2.1-amp motor.
  • The wheels measure 6 inches. Like most bench grinders, it features one coarse wheel and the other is a medium wheel.
  • It has the standard eye guards that keep the sparks off your face while letting you get a clear view of your work material.
  • This has work lights, too. It doesn’t have the work lamp, though. Instead, you have lights built in with the eye guards.
  • You have adjustable tool rests as well, with the dials on the inner side so you can make adjustments to the angle.
  • It has the cast iron base that’s crucial in stabilizing the unit. In addition, the base features rubber feet so it doesn’t crawl all over your worktable.
  • This is only 15.4 inches long and it only weighs 20.8 pounds.
  • It has a three-year warranty.


  • This is great if you’re looking for a portable model, as it’s easy to lug to your friend’s house. But even if it stays in your workshop, at least it doesn’t take up much space. You can also bring it from one spot to another.
  • The RPM does suffice for most grinding tasks, while it’s not all that noisy.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It also has lights, and they’re located right near the work piece. Without the lamp, it’s also much easier to transport.
  • The warranty is long at three years, and it’s also very durable.


  • You’ll have to keep your work piece near the eye guard to make use of the light.
  • The motor isn’t really powerful, so you can’t press on the wheel too much or else it will slow down considerably.

This isn’t for the die-hard DIY enthusiast. It’s for those who want a portable model, or for people who just want a handy machine that can sharpen their knives and lawn mower blades whenever necessary.

Use this in this manner, and it sure will last for a very long time. In fact, you can recoup your expenses with just a single day of use, since the cost of professional blade sharpening can go past the price of this unit.


8. DEWALT DW756 – A Powerful Variable Speed Bench Grinder

The DEWALT DW756 is available with a hefty powerful 5/8 hp induction motor and runs at a 3,450 RPM speed, it is a multipurpose machine that will serve your needs just right starting from grinding, sharpening, deburring, rust removal, shaping parts to even cleaning objects.

While the motor might not be the most powerful, the technology inside this motor is astonishing; it offers high efficiency while not consuming a lot of power in the grinding process.

The DW756 is best known for successfully positioning its blades and it is shown in the final outcome how it has a successful grinding unlike other expensive bench grinders, it is all because of the distance between the wheels of the model which makes it ideal for advanced projects.

The grinding wheels comes in the standard sizes of 60 grit and 36 grit; the 60 grit is mostly best used for polishing and smoothing surfaces while the 36 grit one is commonly used for removing material from surfaces.

The DEWALT DW756 is considered to be one of the greatest when it comes to safety precautions; you will find this model to be equipped with adjustable clear spark deflectors, they are designed to keep you safe, but we can proudly say that DEWALT has finally listened to what the people want and so they have managed to make the power switch be located at the front in case of an emergency.

More importantly, this model is thick thus it can provide a lot of stability and ease of use to your sharpening work.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Adjustable and clear protective spark guard.
  • Efficient motor.
  • Large gap between wheels.
  • Full of safety supplies.


  • The price could have been a little cheaper.
  • Machine may take some time to stop.
  • Not suitable for long-term projects.

To wrap this up, the DEWALT DW756 is a joy to obtain; it is full of amazing advantages that will give you the ultimate handy experience.

With this bench grinder at hand, you are guaranteed an electrically powered motor that combines power with functionality, you will not be disappointed.


What Is The Best Overall Bench Grinder? – Final Verdict:

Any of these models can work for you, though, of course, it depends on your needs. If you just want a small bench grinder for when you need to sharpen your cutting tools, then the WEN will do just fine.

You can save lots of money, yet you get your money’s worth in just the first day of use. If you like to polish as well as grind metal, then the Delta Power Tools 23-197 with its variable speeds can really do the job.

But you really should think about getting the JET 577102. This will get your work done fast and easy, it’s extremely reliable, and it’s fun to use. You may find yourself hunting for various tools to sharpen just so you can use this. Its durability is outstanding and you can use this every day with no trouble.

It may only be for DIY enthusiasts, but this machine can turn you into one if you aren’t yet. Seriously, you may find DIY projects a lot more interesting when you have this in your workshop. It’s hands down the best bench grinder on this list.

How To Pick a Good Bench Grinder?

  • This should be considered, since it indicates your DIY interest. If you just need something to sharpen a few cutting tools and lawn mower blades, you don’t need to go over $100.But you do need to get into the $100 range for acceptable hobbyist-grade bench grinders. A model that’s in the $200 to $300 range can offer quite a few convenient features, but you don’t need to spend more than $500 unless you’re going to use it for your business.
  • You need something that’s close to about 3400 to 3500 RPM for general grinding tasks. Some machines offer variable speeds with 2000 RPM for some tasks such as polishing metal.
  • It should be at least ½-horsepower. A 1-HP motor can offer plenty of juice. The motor should be powerful enough to enable you to do your tasks in good time and it should enable the wheels to spin even with contact with the metal.
  • Vibration counter-measures. Bench grinders vibrate, so you need features that can counteract this. The wheels should move freely and the base should be solid so the machine stays in place.
  • Safety features. The wheel obviously needs a guard around it, and you should have eye guards in place against the wheel to protect your face from sparks. Other models also have safeguards for the on/off switch.
  • Built-in lighting. Most new models have this feature. If they don’t have it, this means it’s an older design.
  • You may want a unit that’s easy to bring to a buddy’s place, so compactness and a light weight matter more. The lack of a built-in lamp can also make a bench grinder easier to transport.
  • Grinding Wheel: A grinding wheel comes in different types, but no bench grinder can fit all of them. You should pick the grinder’s wheel according to the purpose of use.
  • Motor: It is the power capacity of the tool. The power is important giving the kind of task; so if you want heavier tasks (processing large and harder metals) you need to select a bench grinder with a more powerful motor. As for the lighter tasks, any model with lower power will do.
  • Wheel Size: We have listed above the best bench grinders you can find in the market, but before making your purchase, here are some important factors that you should consider and hopefully will help you make up your mind.