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Bench Grinder vs Angle Grinder: What’s the difference?

Bench Grinders vs Angle Grinders

Grinders are tools or machines used for grinding. There are a lot of different types of grinders, but today we are going to talk about Bench grinder vs Angle grinder, and what sets them apart?

Bench grinder vs Angle grinder Comparison


The two different tools obviously have different designs. As for the Angle Grinder, it is designed in a way that it can be easy to hold and use.

It has a comfortable grip so the user can easily handle it. It also comes with extra support handle place in order to reduce vibration.

For the Bench Grinder, it has a user friendly design as it was designed with a base so it could be kept easily on a flat surface. The base also has another advantage as it works on reducing vibration.

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For the Angle Grinder, it is easy to move around as it weighs less than 7 pounds. There are some Angle Grinders that are heavy and weight more than 10 pounds so they might be a little tough to move around.

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In result of the Angle Grinder being light, it can be easy to use by the users and they will also easily control it.

On the other hand, the Bench Grinder is heavy and hard to move around as they weigh more than 20 pounds. Of course the users can’t easily control it while using it, but instead they can control the workpiece.

What are they used for?

Each of the Grinders are obviously used for grinding, but according to the different shape of each they can be used in different operations.

For the Bench Grinder, it is perfect for shaping and sharpening. Users can easily use it to sharp any tool or blade as they will be able to control it easily and sharp whatever area they want.

It also can be used for polishing by adding the right wheels for it, but it only can be used for small surfaces as large surfaces will be hard to hold and control.

As for the Angle Grinder, it can be used for cutting as it will be easy to control and handle the tool in cutting any shape or form the users want.

It also can be used in polishing and paint removing on large surfaces, unlike the Bench Grinder as it will be easy to control and hold.


The Bench Grinder comes with two wheels that can be set up and used at the same time, but the Angle Grinder only allow for one wheel usage at a time, as for the speed of the wheels the Angle Grinder is much faster than the Bench Grinder.


In the end, there are many differences between the Angle Grinder and The Bench Grinder and Each of them are used for different purposes, so it will come down to the users to choose which one is best suited for their needs.

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