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Here Are the Best Band Saw Blades for Wood You Can Buy on the Market Today

Band Saw Blades help make clean cuts in wood

Band saw blades are used to cut all sorts of materials into different shapes. Here are the best band saw blades for wood. My choice is the Bosch Metal Bandsaw Blade because of it’s optimized design. Check it out at Amazon.

DEWALT Portable Band Saw Blade, 3-Pack

The DeWalt DW3984C has gotten some of the best reviews for band saw blades. It has a 24 TPI and is able to cut through many materials including wood and metal. The finished cut has a very decent finish. It’s also extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about sharpening it every single week. The price is right for the quality, so much so that the recommendation for it is without any hesitation.

The DeWalt DW3984C is equipped with several design elements that make it a very tough instrument. It’s not just efficient at its job, it’s also very resistant to all wear and tear. This makes it a great instrument for continuous, progressive tasks.

It has a Matrix II High-Speed Steel  Edge which makes it very resistant to heat and wear. It is treated with 8% cobalt so that there is extra durability when you use it. It’s also extra resistant to wear because of the cobalt and the 65-67 tooth hardness. It also has an alloy steel backer which makes it resistant to fatigue.

The DeWalt DW3984C has 24 teeth per inch, making it one of the most efficient band saw blades for wood.

Despite the glowing reviews and loads of praise, there are still one or two complaints, one of them being that the blade breaks quickly. This is unlikely for most of the units produced since it’s a single complaint.

Bosch Metal Bandsaw Blade

The Bosch band saw blade is one of the best looking blades that you can buy. If you’ve ever bought band saw blades for wood before, you’d know how hard it is to find a good looking one. The Bosch band saw blade is also top quality, and the design is optimized for various different types of cuts. The cutting angles are very easy to make and its speed is also commendable. Be wary though that it works best for fine materials.

It also doesn’t take much to install it. All you need to do is put it in place, and let it do its work. The cuts made are all smooth, which is why it’s one of the best band saw blades for wood.

Some specifications include a blade length of 64.5 centimeters, a blade thickness of 0.02 in, and 24 teeth per inch. The material used for the blade is premium-grade steel.

The Bosch band saw blade is rated for long term use and its quality is comparable to many premium-priced blades. It also sharpens well and can cut narrow stock quite easily.

The only con worth mentioning is that the blade heats up if continuously used. So make sure that when you’ve disposed of one task, the blade rests in place for a few minutes.

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 

Timber Wolf is a brand that is constantly associated with great bandsaw blades. That’s why there are two blades from that company on this list. This one is specialized for low power and high intensity. High tension and powerful band saws require a lot of control, however, this one takes the opposite route.

It’s one of the best band saw blades for metal as well as wood. This blade will work to increase the capacity of any low power band saw. Not only is it dependable, but it’s also durable and great value for the price.

Specification includes a length of 92.5 centimeters, a width of ¼ in, and a gauge of 0.025 in. The saw is made of carbon steel and has a TPI of 6 Pos Claw. The low power design means that it uses 30% less tension and is 50% sharper than other blades.

The Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade is one of the best most durable and resistant to wear and tear out there.

Olson Saw Skip Saw Blade

The superior quality of the Olson bandsaw blade makes its appearance on this list mandatory. This is another great functioning and great looking bandsaw blade. The durability and wear and tear resistance of these blades are incredible considering their price. While most people use these band saw blades for wood, they’re also very apt for metal.

The cutting speed, the fine result, and the cutting angles are all very good. It also doesn’t require as much power as most other blades. The Commercial grade blade is great for all vertical, floor-standing 2-wheel, and stationary band saws.

The installation and handling is a breeze and it can be used on all sorts of materials including plastic.

The only complaints from this blade include dulling issues. Hence, you may be required to sharpen it more than you normally would for other band saw blades.

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 3/4″ x 93-1/2″

Another Timber Wolf Bandsaw blade on the list. This one is a bit thicker than the last, but it still has great design and performance. It is composed of high silicon and low carbide steel. It has nearly 60% of the speed of a hook blade, which makes it very effective. It has a 6.5 in rake and a 5-tooth set pattern for extremely fine cuts. The 0.025 in blade also makes cutting the fines materials easy. This model of the Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade combines the best qualities of the skip and hook tooth.

The blade also uses low power and runs under low tension. This means that you’ll require much less horsepower. More than that, the blade doesn’t require a lot of expertise to handle, since it doesn’t overheat. Hence, it’s designed for continuous use.

How to Choose Bandsaw Blades

Here are some straightforward tips to choose the right band saw blade for the job.

  • Use a 1/8” or 3/16” standard tooth blade with 10-14-TPI for cutting very tight curves with radii smaller than 5/8 in.
  • For larger curves, or for great cut quality, use a ¼” 6-TPI standard or skip-tooth blade.
  • If you’re ripping or crosscutting, then using a ½” 3-TPI standard or hook-tooth blade is the way to go.
  • Any undried wood or green wood should be cut with a 2-3-TPI skip tooth blade.
  • Any wood that is especially abrasive should be cut with a carbide-tooth blade. This ensures it will stay sharp for longer.

Follow these tips and you shouldn’t have trouble choosing the perfect band saw blade.

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