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Best Belt Sander

best belt sander

Whether you are in the market to buy your first belt sander or if you are looking to get an upgrade on the one you already have, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when trying to find the best belt sander.

How to Pick the Best Belt Sander to Buy

Start off by taking a look at the plate. The platen is the plat on the bottom of the sander that comes in contact with the surface you are working on. Make sure it is completely flat, otherwise you won’t be able to get the precision you want. Other important factors that you need to keep in mind are the size of the belt, build quality of the sander, ergonomics, and dust collection.  Here are some of the best belt sanders that you can find in the market.

Best Overall Belt Sander

Makita 9403 Belt Sander

If you are a woodworker, deck builder, or carpenter you are going to love the Makita 9403 belt sander. Equipped with an 11 amp motor and a 4-inch wide belt, this belt sander from Makita combines speed with power and precision. It gives you fast and easy stock removal with minimal noise. What sets this belt sander apart is its powerful motor, equipped with electronic speed control that allows the belt to maintain a speed of 1,640 ft/min. In addition to that its extended base makes it perfect for flush sanding.

It is very easy to control and operate because of its ergonomic front grip and labyrinth construction. Its construction prevents dust and debris from getting into the motor and bearings. To top it all off, it has a dust bag that swivels 360 degrees and collects all the debris, which makes the process of sanding much cleaner and easier.

Best Value Belt Sander

WEN 6321Corded Belt Sander

WEN 6321 is a 3×21-inch corded belt sander, equipped with a 7-amp heavy-duty motor that rotates the belt at 820 ft/minutes, making it perfect for deburring jagged splinters and rough edges. What helps this one stand out among its competitors, is its ability to reach and sand even the most difficult of spots with the help of its exceptional front roller, which extends beyond the top housing of the sander.

WEN 6321 doesn’t have a bulky design, it weighs merely 6 pounds and has an ergonomic design that minimizes user fatigue and provides ease of use. There is a bag connected to the propeller on top to collect most of the dust, which minimizes the clean-up process later. Apart from that, it has a small belt release lever that allows the user to change belts with little to no effort. There is also an adjustment knob that can be used to adjust the belt correctly whenever the user wants. WEN 6321 gives you value for your money as it gives you the right combination of speed, precision, ease of use, and power which makes it one of the best belt sanders on the market right now.

Best Belt Sander for Under 100


Featuring an angled belt designed to work perfectly on adjoining surfaces, CRAFTSMAN Belt Sander has a 7 amp motor that rotates the belt at 800 RPM. The attached dust bag has a unique form factor that collects maximum debris and keeps the work surface neat. One of the most unique features of this one is its top handle that can be locked in three different positions to provide the user maximum comfort and control. You can also change the belt using the easy belt release button that makes it easy for the user to swap between belts.

There is also a lock button on the main handle near the trigger that keeps the belt rotating without you having to hold the trigger switch down for as long as you want. In conclusion, this 3×21 inch belt sander by Craftsman is one of the best you will find in the market for under 100 bucks.

Best Benchtop Belt Sander

SKIL 3376-01 Belt/Disc Sander

SKIL 3376 is a new 4×36 inch belt sander that gives you everything you need, with a conventional belt that is great at flattening out uneven surfaces and a disk sander that is great for tough edge work. Its unique form factor allows the user to mount the device to a tabletop and sand at an angle of up to 90 degrees without any problems. It also has a specialized dust port where you can connect a 2.5-inch vacuum hose to minimize dust.

SKIL 3376 is quite a hefty device, weighing in at 6.6 pounds. It provides you with a wide range of angles that make it perfect for dealing with even the trickiest workpieces that you can find. All

Best Belt Sander for Knife Making (metalwork)

BUCKTOOL Professional Bench Belt Sander

BUCKTOOL Professional Bench Belt Sander is the dream device for a woodworker. This machine not only comes with a sanding disc but also has belt paper for polishing metal. It is equipped with a 1 HP fully enclosed induction motor that provides extremely powerful but quiet performance. The 8-inch sanding disk can be adjusted at any angle from 0 to 45 degrees to allow the user to access different angles. Whereas the 8-inch sanding belt can be tilted to 90 degrees vertically. Moreover, the dust outlet for the sanding belt is made of aluminum which prevents it from melting. While the sanding disk outlet is made out of flame repellent material.

The most unique feature about this sander is that it is great for metalwork as well. It is perfect for sharpening the plunge line of a knife and other metal objects. In conclusion, BUCKTOOL Professional Bench Belt Sander is the complete package. With its sanding disk and shining strip, its ergonomic design, and exceptional build quality that provides ease of use and convenience to its users.

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