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Circular Saw With Dust Bag – Keep it Clean

Circular Saw With Dust Bag

Circular saws are undoubtedly among the most useful power tools when it comes to woodworking. Woodworkers use circular saws whenever they need to make straight cuts in different materials like wood, plastic, steel, and concrete. However one of the biggest drawbacks of using a circular saw is that it leaves behind a big mess. Sawdust and debris spread everywhere which is very annoying to clean up later. Sure you could use your leaf blower, but what a pain. Moreover, the debris gets into your eyes which can result in false cuts and ruin your work.  However, that is no longer a problem because there are many circular saws in the market these days that come with built-in dust collection bags. These saws are perfect for keeping your environment dust-free while cutting and slicing wood. If you are in the market for a circular saw with dust bag here are some of the best on the market right now.

NOTE: Some of our picks don’t have an actual “bag”, but a blower system to keep your line of sight clear.

Top Picks for a Circular Saw With a Dust Bag:

Makita 5057KB

Equipped with a powerful 13 amp motor and a 7 ¼ inch blade that can power through any material, the Makita 5057KB is one of the best options if you are looking for a high-power circular saw with an efficient dust collector. This unit has a strong aluminum base that gives the user maximum control and accuracy while cutting.

When we take a closer look at the unit’s dust collector we understand why it takes the lead over most of its competitors. It is great at collecting dust even in a wet environment and provides you with a dust-free workspace. Plus, the dust collector is easy to open which makes the clean-up process much easier and saves a lot of time.

It offers a wide variety of bevel cuts between 0-45 degrees and also has a retractable guard that ensures easier plunge cutting. The unit also comes with a key shaft that makes it extremely easy to switch between blades while working.


Featuring a 15-ampere motor that can deliver up to 3,700 rpm, DEWALT DWE575SB can get the job done quickly and with little effort no matter what kind of material you have to cut through. The dust blower on this circular saw is quite powerful. It clears out all the dust and debris from the work area. Moreover, if you want more powerful and faster cleaning you can use the easy-to-use vacuum duct to connect the saw to a vacuum hose.

Its smooth aluminum base makes it more durable while keeping it light enough to easily transport from one work site to another. As far as the cutting capacity is concerned, this unit is equipped with a bevel up to 57° making it especially useful for roofers when cutting and framing around rafters.

One of the most unique features of this saw is its electric brake system. This can stop the blade within a fraction of the time it would normally take a blade to stop. This precludes the possibility of many accidents and dangerous situations.

Metabo HPT C7SB3

Next circular saw with dust bag on the list, if you need a saw that gets the job done quickly and easily, Metabo HPT C7SB3 is one of the best options in the market. With its 15 ampere motor that delivers 6,000 rpm, you can rest assured that you will get the cleanest and most accurate cuts in fewer passes. The unit has an integrated dust blower. This will take care of all the dust and debris in the workplace and give you a clean and dust-free work surface.

Its adjustable bevel will allow you to make angled cuts up to 45 degrees. Plus the depth adjustment capabilities allow you to control the cutting depth as well. On top of all that this is a lightweight unit weighing at a mare 9.5 pounds. Which makes it easy to transport and take with you on different jobs.

It also features a top-of-line non-slip slim handle. This is designed closer to the blade to provide the user an ergonomic feel. While giving them great balance, comfort, and ease of use.

SKIL 5280-01 – Premium – Circular Saw With Dust Bag

Made for experienced woodworkers looking for a combination of power and performance. The SKIL 5280-01 is a 7 ¼ inch circular saw with a 15 amp motor that delivers 5,300 rpm to cut through even the densest lumber and sheets with ease. The unit features a 45-degree bevel with a positive stop at 25 degrees. Gives you a wide range of cutting angles to work with. Moreover, with the single beam laser guide, you get higher accuracy when making tough cuts.

It also has a powerful dust blower.  This will clear out your line of sight and give you a clean work surface while you make your cuts. With its powerful dust blower, you can rest assured that you will get a mess-free workspace which will result in more accurate cuts. The unit also features a guarded trigger that makes sure that your work doesn’t get affected because of accidental startups.

The SKIL 5280-01 makes it very easy for the user to switch between blades with its spindle lock. So you don’t have to worry about carrying additional tools to change your blades.

Rockwell Versacut 4.0 RK3440K

The Rockwell Versacut 4.0 RK3440K is the best alternative for big and heavy circular saws. It gives you the functionality of a powerful, multi-functional, ultra-compact circular saw while being exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. It weighs a mere 4 pounds and can be controlled using just one hand. Whether it’s wood, flooring, plastic, ceramic tile, or metal you can make accurate cuts with the Rockwell Versacut 4.0 using its exclusive Laser guide technology.

Thanks to the unit’s compact design you can use it to make cuts in tight areas.  Otherwise would be difficult to reach with a conventional circular saw. It is equipped with a 4-amp motor that can provide you with fantastic-looking results with perfect rip and plunge cuts. It also has a dust extraction adapter that will keep the cut line clear and provide you with great visibility. Moreover, despite the smaller motor VersaCut 4.0 is designed to easily cut through materials thicker than 1 inch.

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