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Jigsaw With Guide Rail

Jigsaw With Guide Rail

Jigsaws are one of the most underappreciated types of electrical saws in the market. However, many carpenters, woodworkers, and even DIYers use them to perform a variety of different cutting jobs. Jigsaws are mostly used to cut curves, but they are also quite good at creating holes and other shapes in different materials like plywood and plastic. Moreover, they can do a pretty decent job at cutting lumber to length. The newer jigsaw models are much more powerful, lighter in weight, and more versatile than ever before. However, when accuracy is paramount you need a jigsaw with guide rail.

What Are Jig Saw Guide Rails?

When working with a jigsaw, even the slightest inaccuracy in measurement can end up ruining stock and costing you money. Even professionals with years of experience can make these mistakes. However, with guide rails, you can easily avoid these mistakes. Guide rails give you a lot more control and accuracy over your cuts. Whether you want to cut straight lines, circles, or any other shape, guide rails can help you get the most precise and accurate results.

What to Look For in a Jigsaw With Guide Rail?

If you are in the market for a new jigsaw, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Jig Saw Motor

The motor is the heart of a jigsaw, it determines what kinds of materials the saw will be able to cut through. If you are someone who works with dense materials, it is best to go with a saw that has a powerful motor. Otherwise, the blade speed will slow down when cutting through tough materials.

jigsaw toolPower source

You will find both corded and cordless jigsaws in the market. If you want portability then it is best to go with a cordless saw, however, if that is not a problem for you there are some really good corded options in the market as well. Many professional woodworkers prefer corded saws as they come with more powerful motors.

Blade speed

Different models have different cutting speeds that can be controlled using either a pressure-sensitive trigger or an adjustable dial. The speed can vary from 500 SPM up to 5,000 SPM. If you are a professional carpenter or woodworker, you should go with dialed speed control as it gives you more consistent results. Whereas a pressure-sensitive trigger might be a better option for hobbyists and DIYers.

Blade type

Jigsaw blades are either U-shank or T-shank. You will find most top-notch jigsaws using T-shank blades as they lock in more easily without having to use extra tools. Plus, they stay secure while cutting along tight curves or making decorative cuts. U-shank styles saws are less popular as they require extra tools to change the blade.

Dust management

Jigsaws don’t produce as much dust as circular saws or table saws; instead, they take chunks out of the material that can affect visibility. This is why most jigsaws come with dust blowers that keep those little chunks out of the cutline. Look for a jigsaw that has a good dust and debris management mechanism so you never have to worry about dust affecting your visibility.

Accu-cut circular Saw Track

Designed to give you more control and precision when working with a circular saw, this aluminum track is extremely easy to assemble and use. You can simply guide your saw along the aluminum guide track and make straight and precise cuts.

It allows you to make high-quality cuts using a circular saw. With just over four feet of cutting capacity, you can make crosscuts, rip cuts, and angle cuts up to 50″ long in different materials like plywood, MDF, and panels.

With the Accu-cut track, you can cut with confidence without having to worry about chipping your wood. The anti-chip strips prevent splintering and support the materials while cutting. The track also has anti-slip guard strips that make sure that it doesn’t slip.

Kreg KMA2685

Kreg KMA2685 gives you cutting precision by following the edge of your material. It gives you the control you need to get your cuts straight every single time. It allows you to make up to 24” wide cuts and helps you with making high-quality cuts when cutting large materials and breaking down sheet goods.

With its built-in measuring scale, you no longer have to worry about measuring and marking each cut. All you have to do is lock the saw sled at the required width, and you’re ready to go. Moreover, With the Portable cutting guide, you can take your jigsaw guide rail to the material that you need to cut rather than having to carry the large and bulky material to your saw.


Featuring durable aluminum construction, DEWALT DWS5100 is an extremely lightweight, strong, and portable attachment for your circular saw. Plus, you can fold it down to 19-Inches long by 3-Inches wide which makes it easy to store or move around. There are also laser-etched markings on the attachment that allow for accurate and fast settings.

This 12-Inch Dual-Port Folding Rip Guide features a 2-Inch ripping capacity on the left side that allows you to make common rips whereas on the right-hand side it has up to a 14-1/2-Inch ripping that allows you to make much wider rip cuts.

Bora 542009 Jigsaw Guide Rail

Designed to fit most jigsaws, Bora 542009 is a firm and steady guide with a solid design. It has two “tongue and groove” points that slide into the side grooves of the Bora clamp Edge. The sliding side points and locking screw on the guide make sure that it can fit on a number of different size jigsaws whereas the adjustable pointer is there to give you truer and more accurate cuts.

The jigsaw guide will glide smoothly on the T-track of the Clamp Edge and give you clean straight cuts. Plus, it won’t drift or twist while cutting, which eliminates the possibility of false cuts. This guide also allows you to make 360-degree cuts. You just have to fix your jigsaw to the guide and you are good to go.

Makita XPS01PMJ

Makita XPS01PMJ includes two 18V LXT 4Ah batteries, a dual-port rapid charger, a 55T carbide-tipped blade, a wrench, and two cases. The saw is powered by a Makita-built electronically-controlled brushless motor that delivers 6,300 rpm giving you high performance and longer run time. The 55″ guide rails are compatible with different Makita plunge saw models, including XPS01, XPS02, and SP6000.

It is best suited for cutting large wood panels, and materials like melamine, aluminum, and Corian. The Automatic Speed Change technology gives you optimum performance by adjusting the blade speed torque while cutting.

Moreover, the variable speed control dial allows you to control revolution per minute allowing for optimum performance when working with different materials.

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